Vacant Industrial Properties Across The Augusta Area

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Former Pepperidge Farm building
Location: 10 Windham Blvd., Aiken
Size: 74,350 square feet
Built: 1976
Price: $1.65 million
Profile: Occupying 12.6 acres in the Verenes Industrial Park, this building produced various products for Pepperidge Farm Inc., including its Farm Italian, Farmhouse, Rye and Deli Flats line of breads. The company began closing the facility – located less than two miles from the interstate – in 2013 to consolidate most of its bread-making in Lakeland, Fla.
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Former Avondale Mills Horse Creek plant
Location: 164 Bettis Academy Road, Graniteville, S.C.
Size: 326,400 square feet
Built: 1994
Sale price: $4.495 million
Profile: Built as Avondale Mills’ Horse Creek denim finishing plant, the facility went idle when Avondale ceased operations in the wake of the 2005 Graniteville train crash and chlorine spill that killed nine people. An Ohio-based sign company bought the 30-acre property in 2009 but went out of business the following year. A portion of the building is leased by RBW Logistics, an Augusta-based warehousing firm.
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Aiken County Industrial Spec Building
Location: 1041 Sage Mill Parkway, Graniteville
Size: 105,000 square feet (expandable to 1 million square feet)
Built: 2015
Sale price: $3.65 million
Profile: This 22-acre building was developed last year by the Aiken-based Economic Development Partnership and is adjacent to an additional 100 acres of land that would enable it to be expanded to nearly 10 times its original size.
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Former A-D Technologies building
Location: 1164 Industrial Ave., Graniteville, S.C.
Size: 49,300 square feet
Built: 2000
Sale price: $2.4 million
Profile: The 14-acre site was vacated in 2012 by A-D Technologies, now known as Dura-Line, a Knoxville, Tenn.-based producer of high density polyethylene pipe and conduit. The property includes 50 additional acres for purchase and features 21-foot ceilings, five drive-in doors and three dock doors.
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Former Butler building
Location: 1 Evercare Way, Waynesboro, Ga.
Size: 243,200 square feet
Built: 2000
Price: Undetermined (not yet vacated)
Profile: Butler Home Products’ manufacturing and distribution center in the Waynesboro-Burke County Industrial Park will be shuttered by late September. The division of Bradshaw International has been downsizing the facility since acquiring it from oneCARE in 2014. A forerunner of oneCARE, Helmac Products-EverCare, built the plant in 2000 and doubled its size in 2009 to make and distribute its line of cleaning and garment-care products.
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Lamar B. Murray speculative building
Location: 100 Murray Drive, Waynesboro, Ga.
Size: 50,400 square feet (expandable to 350,000 square feet)
Built: 2012
Price: Undetermined (price dependent upon completion size)
Profile: Designed to be custom finished, this three-sided, pre-cast concrete panel wall building sits on a 28-acre parcel in the Waynesboro-Burke County Industrial Park. It features 26-foot ceilings, six dock doors and one drive-in door.
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Former Quad/Graphics plant
Location: 4301 Evans to Locks Road, Evans
Size: 634,000 square feet
Built: 1982
Price: Undetermined (not fully vacated)
Profile: This 81-acre site has gone through numerous owners since it was opened to print Montgomery Ward catalogs. Its most recent owner, Quad/Graphics, began closing the facility in late 2015. The property features on-site rail service, 25 dock doors, parking for nearly 400 vehicles and ceiling heights ranging from 24 feet to 48 feet.
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Former Kennametal-Greenfield plant
Location: 470 Old Evans Road
Size: 312,300 square feet
Built: 1974
Price: Undisclosed
Profile: The cutting tools factory formerly operated by companies such as TRW, Greenfield Industries and Kennametal has been empty since it was shuttered in a 2009 acquisition by Chinese-based Top Eastern Drill Co. The facility includes a plant with 24-foot high ceilings and an 18,000-square-foot office on a 30-acre site.
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Former Urban Outfitters building
Location: 30 Industrial Park Blvd., Trenton, S.C.
Size: 421,000 square feet (expandable to 621,000 square feet)
Built: 2000
Price: $12.5 million (includes conveyor belts and material-handling equipment)
Profile: Built as a regional distribution center for children’s clothing company VF Playwear, this 43.6-acre property is owned by a New Jersey-based investment group and features 32-foot ceilings and 32 dock doors. Philadelphia-based retailer Urban Outfitters Inc. closed its distribution center there earlier this year.
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Rail-served distribution center
Location: 1425 Lovers Lane, Augusta
Size: 277,500 square feet
Built: 1987
Price: $675,000
Profile: This 13-acre property located just a half mile from Interstate 520 in the east Augusta industrial district has been used by Kimberly-Clark, John Deere and Bennett Distribution, whose lease ends July 30. It has 48 truck docks, 12-rail served doors and ceilings ranging from 24 to 38 feet. It can be subdivided into 75,000, 97,500 and 105,000 square-foot spaces.
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Former Tri-Chek Seeds building
Location: 2526 Mike Padgett Highway, Augusta
Size: 54,600 square feet
Built: 2007
Price: $1.35 million
Profile: Occupied by Tri-Chek Seeds until it went out of business in 2013, the 5.5-acre parcel includes a rail spur and with two rail-served doors and three truck loading docks. The newest building on the property, a 14,000-square-foot warehouse with 18-foot ceilings, was built in 2007.


The list of idle area properties will grow by dozens of acres and thousands of square feet when the planned closure of the Fibrant LLC caprolactam plant in east Augusta is completed by the end of 2017. We present a list of some of the Augusta area's biggest available industrial properties.

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