Historic Photos: Curtis Baptist School

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Cheryl Burch teaches at Curtis Baptist School in 1981.
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Curtis Baptist students parade around the block at their Broad Street school in 1994 to show their support for the Atlanta Braves during the World Series.
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Lori Greening (left) and Deborah Daniels prepare for the Curtis Baptist School graduation ceremony in May 1976.
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Deborah Daniels (left) and Lori Greening prepare for the Curtist Baptist graduation ceremony in 1976.
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Students run down Broad Street at Curtis Baptist in March 1979.
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Principal Avril Holt in 1976
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The Curtis Baptist School library in 1970.
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Curtis Baptist third graders David Dunagan (from left), Jody Logan and Michelle Gibson in 1979.
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Students at Curtis Baptist School celebrate the boys basketball state championship in 1994 with a rally in the gym.


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