Old Augusta Aerials

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Belair and Washington roads intersection -- 1940s
Evans before the growth hit. This image shows Roundtree's Store (at the bottom) the Evans First Baptist Church (where the cars are all parked) and the old Evans School (top left).
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Columbia Road -- 1975
Columbia Road heads from Martinez toward Columbia County's Appling.
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Washington Road 1968
Washington Road, I-20 interchange. A lone filling station awaits interstate customers.
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Sears parking, Walton Way
It's the mid-1960s. You can follow Walton Way west past the steeple of Woodlawn Baptist Church and go up the hill to the Bon Air Hotel in the far background.

Notice old houses that used to line west side of 15th in the background, as well as the commercial building to the north of the intersection.
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900 block of Broad -- 1982
Old J.B. White's store is on the right
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Civic Center -- 1982
Parking lot in the front and the Bell Auditorium in the upper left.
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15th at Walton Way -- 1975
The former Sears store is easy to see in the top left.
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Broad Street -- 1975
The Augusta Canal snakes past Sibley Mill with its memorial chimney. The small Broad Street bridge crosses over the water.
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Washington Road -- November 1984
Looking east up Washington Road, heading back toward town.
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River Watch Parkway -- 1988
Construction of a bridge over a rail line on what was then called Murray Road Extension. Houses from the National Hills subdivision can be seen at the top. A rail line crosses the Augusta Canal at the bottom.
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Washington Road and Calhoun Expressway -- 1970s
Washington Road heading east and turning into Calhoun Expressway in this undated photo from the 1970s. Lake Olmstead is visible on the top left.
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Washington Road -- 1969
Julian Smith Casino sits on the lower right on the edge of Lake Olmstead.
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Walton Way -- 1967
Looking east on Walton Way back toward 15th Street.
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Washington Road -- 1977
Washington Road heading west. The old Big Tree Shopping Center is prominent at the bottom of the photo. The Augusta National Golf Club is on the left.
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Georgia Avenue 1975
North Augusta's Georgia Avenue, looking south toward the river.
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Savannah River -- 1969
Islands in the stream of the Savannah River. The Augusta Canal can be seen along its south bank.
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Sand Bar Ferry Road -- 1970
Savannah River at the right.
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University Hospital -- 1969
This view looking southwest shows University Hospital.
Notice the tree-lined streets to the right of the building. This was the "Frog Hollow" neighborhood. Its houses have been removed, but its streets and shrubs remain.
The Augusta Canal and Meadow Garden are in the bottom right corner.
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Broad Street -- 1981
This view looks down from a corner of the Lamar Building and shows the Confederate Monument in the 700 block of Broad, as well as the J.C. Penney store and the old Richmond Hotel.
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National Hills -- 1972
Washington Road and Berckmans Road at National Hills Shopping Center. The water tower at the corner of the Augusta National Golf Club still stands. The shopping center features Woolworth's and a J.B. White's store.

-- Sept. 26, 1972
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Washington Road -- 1972
Where Washington Road, Broad Street and Callhoun Expressway all come together at Lake Olmstead. Hal Powell Apartments is at the top.
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Laney Stadium -- 2006
A football Friday night falls over Augusta in October 2006
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Augusta National -- 1972
Augusta National Clubhouse -- 9th and 18th greens.
Magnolia Lane comes in from the top left.
-- Sept. 26, 1972
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Gordon Highway -- 1950s
Gordon Highway construction is underway with the map showing the locations of both Reynolds and Broad streets. The bridge over the Savannah River has yet to be built.

-- 1950s
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Broad Street -- 1974
This photo shows the buildings in the 700 block of Broad Street, including the Confederate Monument, C&S National Bank, The Chronicle-Herald News Building, Marion Building (with open windows), Imperial Theatre and the Southern Finance Building (now Lamar Building.)

-- October 1974
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Downtown -- 1950s
Downtown Augusta looking west in the 1950s. Broad Street is the wide thoroughfare to the right. The Municipal Building is going up on Greene, but the old Richmond Courthouse can be seen behind it. The former Houghton Elementary School with its playground can be seen at the bottom between Greene and Ellis streets.

-- 1950s
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Surrey Center -- 1970
The shopping center at Berckmans and Wheeler Road. Westover Cemetery can be seen across the road with the golf fairways of the Augusta Country Club and Augusta National Golf Club behind it.

-- April 3, 1970
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Downtown Augusta -- 1974
The backs of buildings of the Southern Finance Building, Marion Building and Imperial Theatre looking toward the 700 block of Broad Street at the corner of Eighth Street.

-- Oct. 16, 1974
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Augusta waterfront -- 1969
St. Paul's in the upper right and what looks like an old car dump behind the Reynolds Street depot
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Gordon Highway -- late 1950s
Newly constructed Gordon Highway connects with Fifth Street. The bridge over the Savannah River has yet to be built.
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Augusta riverfront -- 1969
Augusta riverfront -- 1969 off 600 block of Reynolds. Many old cars appear to have been abandoned or junked behind the train depot.
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K-Mart Plaza -- Gordon Highway -- 1972
K-Mart Plaza on Gordon Highway -- Sept. 1972.
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Southgate Plaza -- 1972
Southgate Plaza along Gordon Highway -- Sept. 1972
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Doctors Hospital under construction -- 1972
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Daniel Village -- 1972
Daniel Village Shopping Center, Daniel Field and Wrightsboro Road -- September 1972
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Peach Orchard Plaza -- 1972
Peach Orchard Plaza, Peach Orchard Road with Butler High stadium in the background -- Sept. 1972
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Butler High Stadium -- 1968
Butler High School Stadium, Roses Shopping Center and Peach Orchard Road
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Savannah River -- downtown -- Oct. 13, 2006
The Savannah River and downtown Augusta looking east on an October afternoon.
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Sacred Heart Cultural Center -- 1995
Looking south over the Sacred Heart Cultural Center with the Calhoun Expressway in the background.
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University Hospital -- 1981
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University Hospital -- February 1986
Looking north toward Walton Way, the Augusta Canal and downtown.
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University Hospital -- June 1986
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Early 1980s -- Washington, Claussen Road
Claussen Road at Washington Road. No Starbucks, yet. LaQuinta Inn under construciton. Race Trac across the road and the Gulf station is now a BP.
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The old Oliver General Hospital on a misty morning. Gone for many years near the Forest Hills Golf Club.
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Augusta has changed over the years. Can you spot the differences?

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