Breast Cancer Awareness: 12 women winning the fight

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Cathy Reinhart

AGE: 54; HOMETOWN: Jackson; FAMILY: Husband, Duane Reinhart; OCCUPATION: Ammunition manufacturer at Jarrett Rifles; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: July 5, 2007 – mastectomy and reconstruction; HER ADVICE: “The main thing is, don’t think it can’t happen to you. Men, save a life, grope your wife. Trust the doctors. They know more about it than anyone else.”
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Theresa Glisson

AGE: 51; HOMETOWN: Martinez; FAMILY: Daughter, Brittany; son, Joseph; OCCUPATION: Inventory control, Wal-Mart DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: 1995 – mastectomy and eight months of chemotherapy; 2000 – mastectomy; HER ADVICE: “Know that there is always hope. Never give up and trust in the Lord. He’s going to be right by your side. Know that there are people out there who’s been through it and are willing to talk. Never give up hope. Always believe in yourself, because you have to be a really strong person to face this.”
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Beryl Henderson

AGE: 53; HOMETOWN: Edgefield, S.C.; FAMILY: Husband, Calvin Henderson; children, Riccardo Henderson, Rhonda Henderson, Kristol Johnson, Chris Henderson; four grandchildren OCCUPATION: Area leader at BAE Systems DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: June 15, 2011 – lumpectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments; HER ADVICE: “Get family support. Just don’t try to do everything yourself. You need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
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Barbara Thomas

AGE: 64; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: son, Cedric A. Thomas Sr., and five grandchildren; OCCUPATION: retired teacher; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: January 1994 – lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation; September 2011 – mastectomy, reconstruction, Arimidex for five years; HER ADVICE: “Keep living. Be positive. Have a positive attitude. Keep living. I advise (others with cancer to) have faith in God,” she said.
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Janice Sikes

AGE: 82; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: Granddaughter Erica Cheeks; OCCUPATION: Retired accountant; freelances accounting work; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: July 1996 – mastectomy and Tamoxifen for five years; HER ADVICE: “Just don’t give up hope. Put your trust in God. I think if you worry it keeps you from getting well. If you’ve got to do it, you’ve got to do it. Face your problem, and just take each day at a time and trust in God. Tell people you love them.”
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Jennifer Odom

AGE: 34; HOMETOWN: Evans; FAMILY: Husband, Jamie Odom; children Caitlyn Craig, 11, and Adam Craig, 8; stepchildren Alexis Odom, 13, and Reece Odom, 7; OCCUPATION: Contract Management, Blue Cross/Blue Shield; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: Aug. 27, 2012 – lumpectomy, radiation, HER ADVICE: “I think it’s okay to get upset. I think it’s okay to cry. I think it’s okay to talk about it. ... I would find somebody to talk to. Reach out to other women who have gone through it. If you feel that something is wrong, push for it with your doctor.”
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Kerry Jones

AGE: 48; HOMETOWN: Evans; FAMILY: Husband, Steven Jones; mother, Irene Shore; OCCUPATION: Insurance coordinator for Baker Family Dentistryv DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: June 2010 – mastectomy, Tamoxifen for five years; HER ADVICE: “There is nothing to be ashamed or scared of. The more you talk to people, the more people you have praying for you. You’d be surprised by how many people you can help by sharing your story.”
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Joyce Lewis

AGE: 51; HOMETOWN: Dearing; FAMILY: Children Arsenio Lewis, Omar Lewis and Savannah Lewis; OCCUPATION: Homemaker; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: November 2010 – mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation; HER ADVICE: “Just believe in God and keep the faith. Just know that everything is going to be all right. Try to stay busy. Don’t try to be alone. Keep your mind off of stuff. Stay busy.”
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Earnestine Johnson

AGE: 54; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: Sons Antwaun Stewart Sr. and Zedrick Stewart; sisters Patricia Singfield and Lenora Howard; brother, Ernest Stewart; OCCUPATION: Food service, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: November 2006 – lumpectomy, 61/2 weeks radiation and five years Tamoxifen; October 2012 – eight weeks of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy; HER ADVICE: “Just be strong and have faith in God. Take all your treatments. Do what the doctors tell you to do. Eat healthy so your (blood) count will be good. If your count isn’t good, they have to skip a treatment.”
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Louise Hatcher

AGE: 70; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: Husband, John; three children: Pamela Hatcher, John Hatcher Jr. and Latasha Moss; three stepchildren: Elaine Scott, Derrick Thomas and Allen Thomas; 10 grandchildren; OCCUPATION: Retired oncology nurse; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: 2006 – lumpectomy, radiation and Arimidex for five years; 2013 – mastectomy; HER ADVICE: “Have a positive attitude about things. Treat each day as a blessing. Do good things. Don’t concentrate on anything bad. That just puts you down in a hole.”
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Connie Clifford

AGE: 68; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: Partner, Faye Ruffin; brothers Allen Clifford and Kenny Clifford; sister Kathy Mackie; OCCUPATION: Retired teacher for the Richmond County Board of Education; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: 1996 – mastectomy and chemotherapy HER ADVICE: “Put yourself on as many prayer lists as you can. Keep a sense of humor no matter how bad it gets. Rely on those close to you to help you through it.”
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Judy Reddick

AGE: 59; HOMETOWN: Augusta; FAMILY: Daughters, Ronda Reddick and Kimberly Reddick Metzger; two grandchildren; OCCUPATION: Retired social worker for the state of Georgia; DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: December 2007 – mastectomy and chemotherapy HER ADVICE: “Go ahead and cry. It’s OK to cry. Then get strong and get tough, and battle it with everything in you. Let your family members help you. Be strong. You have to be really strong, especially when you’re going through chemo.”

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