Things To Know Monday

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Weather Watch
Cooler temps and chilly nights are on the way.

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President To Address Health Care Woes
WASHINGTON — President Obama is expected to acknowledge that widespread problems with his health care law's rollout are unacceptable, as the administration scrambles to fix the glitches.

Obama was scheduled to speak today from the Rose Garden, his first health care-focused event since the cascade of computer problems became apparent.
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Traffic Watch
There is a new traffic signal being activated in Richmond County.

WHEN: Flash mode: 10 a.m., today, weather permitting. Fully operational: 10 a.m., Friday.

WHERE: Intersection of State Route 28/Sand Bar Ferry Road and Laney Walker Boulevard in Richmond County

WHAT: While in flash mode the signal will flash red for motorist traveling on Laney Walker Boulevard and flash yellow for motorist traveling on State Route 28/Sand Bar Ferry Road.

Motorists are advised to use extreme caution at this intersection.
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Gas Prices Might Begin To Rise
As forecast, retail gas prices moved higher last week after the government struck a deal to reopen and raise the debt ceiling.
However the jump in pump prices was premature and it's likely they will plateau in the coming weeks.

The optimism about the government reopening was met with bearish fundamentals that will help to keep gas prices from spiking further. U.S. fuel inventories jumped 6 million barrels during the second week of October, a sign demand has not picked up, according to the American Petroleum Institute
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Dining Out?
Check out our restaurant reviews and health department databases.


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Falcons Win ... Finally
The Atlanta Falcons defeated the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 Sunday, but that's about the only break their schedule offers.

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