Things To Know Monday

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Weather Watch
Mild weather continues. Some clouds.
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It's Columbus Day
Today America celebrates Columbus Day. It is a federal holiday affecting mail delivery and banks. Georgia will also close state offices today.
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Voting For Vacant 127th House Seat
Voting begins today for the open 127th District House seat.
Mail-out absentee ballots will be available upon written request beginning Monday,
In-person Early Voting will begin today at the Board of Elections Office in the Municipal building, 530 Greene Street.
Information at (706) 821-2340 or .
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Gas Prices Change Little
Retail gas prices didn’t fluctuate much from last week and remain stable near the lowest average of the year.
Although pump prices are forecast to decrease in the coming weeks, negotiations to reopen the government are keeping a little upward pressure on oil prices.
However, based on supply and demand numbers, both oil and gas prices should be lower.
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Grading The Bulldogs
The Bulldogs played their poorest game of the season.
Now we grade them.

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Helping Our Veterans
Every Monday, Hayley Zielinski spends hours bathing, drying, walking and cuddling animals at the animal shelter on Mack Lane.
Then she's got a job for them.

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Traffic Watch
Road construction will also mean a detour Tuesday through Oct. 28 at Georgia Highway 4 southbound at the I-520 overpass.
Motorists are asked to use caution, reduce their speed and be alert to changing traffic conditions in work zones.

And, tractor mowing will be done between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday on Georgia Highway 88 between mile markers 2.5 and 10.9.
A single lane closure and/or flagmen may be used for this work. Motorists are asked to use caution, reduce their speed and be alert to changing traffic conditions in work zones.
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Dining Out? Let Us Help
Check out our restaurant reviews and health department databases.


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Washington Stalls
WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans and Democrats hit an impasse over spending in their last-ditch struggle to avoid an economy-jarring default in just four days and end a partial government shutdown that's entering its third week. and provoking citizen outrage.
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Ex-Congresswoman at Gun Show
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — A smiling Gabrielle Giffords toured rows of tables loaded with rifles and handguns Sunday in her first visit to a gun show since surviving a 2011 shooting, and pleaded afterward for people to come together to stop gun violence.

The former Arizona congresswoman visited the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair with her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to highlight a voluntary agreement that closely monitors gun show sales in New York.

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