Braves-Brewers Brawl

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How It Began
Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez begins to taunt Braves pitcher Paul Maholm as he rounds the bases during a first inning home run.
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Why It Continued
Gomez later said he was responding to being hit by a Maholm pitch earlier in the season.
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McCann Blocks Plate
Braves catcher Brian McCann confronts Gomez at home plate.
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A Polite Debate Ensues
McCann and Gomez at home.
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Exceptions Taken
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Gomez Gets Backup
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So Does McCann
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More Pleasantries Expressed
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Braves Reed Johnson Offers His Opinion
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'Talk To The Hand' -- Gomez Responds
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Farewells Are Exchanged
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Freeman Confounded
Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman (5) is restrained by coach Terry Pendleton as he asks why he was thrown out of the game. TV commentators later speculate it's because Freeman was the tallest in the crowd.
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See You Next Year
McCann invites the Brewers team to enjoy watching Braves in the playoffs while they sit at home.

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