Things To Know Monday

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Weather Watch
Very warm and 25 percent chance of rain.
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Falcons Win First Game
Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert McClain (27) and other team members take the field against the St. Louis Rams. The Falcons won their first game 31-24.
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Deal or Steal?
WASHINGTON — Lawmakers assessing the agreement on Syria's chemical weapons argue about whether President Barack Obama was outfoxed by the Russians and had lost leverage in trying to end the civil war, or whether his threat of military action propelled the breakthrough. Obama, however, said the turn to diplomacy had laid "a foundation" toward political settlement of the conflict.
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The New Miss America
Miss New York Nina Davuluri, center, reacts after being named Miss America 2014 pageant as Miss California Crystal Lee, left, and Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan celebrate with her, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Atlantic City, N.J.
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Ohio Fire Kills 5 Children
Firefighters extinguish a mobile home fire Sunday that killed a man and five children in Tiffin, Ohio, according to police. Fire crews pulled the man and the children from the home, and all six were taken to Tiffin Mercy Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.
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Summer Rainfall Prompts Problems
Heavy storm systems that came — and stayed — dumped almost 45.5 inches in Richmond County this year, more than 14 inches above normal. Although it was a blessing for aquifers parched by years of drought, too much of a good thing creates its own consequences. Soggy fields and waterlogged crops translate to lower yields and losses for farmers who invest heavily in spring plantings.
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Traffic Watch
The Georgia Department of Transportation alerts area motorists to watch for mowers along the roadway in the week ahead. Work begins at 8 a.m. Monday and will continue until 4 p.m. through Thursday. Sites include: Georgia Highway 104 at mile marker 4.9 to 7.5; Highway 121 at mile marker 10 to 15; Highway 88 at mile marker 0 to 10.9, Highway 10 at mile marker 13 to 16.5.

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