Things To Know Thursday

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Thursday Weather
Temperatures in the 90s continue, but showers loom this weekend.
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CSRA College Night
CSRA College Night 2013 takes place today from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at James Brown Arena. The event provides an opportunity for students, parents and guidance counselors to learn about education opportunities available from accredited colleges and universities.
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A New Carolina Guide
The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is issuing the first guide to the state's 47 state parks that has been published in 10 years. The guide comes with a $2 discount coupon for admission to a state park.
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'I'm Changin' It'
NEW YORK — McDonald’s Corp. says it’s exploring changes to its Dollar Menu to include items that cost more than a buck.
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Crime Map
During the week 150 crimes tracked by The Augusta Chronicle were reported to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office over the past week. Violent crimes during the week included 89 assaults.
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Thursday Traffic
Olive Road closure expected again to accommodate work on its well-known overpass.
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Hacking Your Car Computer?
Hackers have shown they can slam a car’s brakes at freeway speeds, jerk the steering wheel and even shut down the engine — all from their laptop computers.
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He's Back!
After a few weeks out of the national spotlight New York politician Anthony Weiner returns with a televised street argument questioning his behavior.

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