Things To Know Tuesday

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Commission Looks at Contract
The city’s 15-year-old relationship with Sentinel Offender Services could be put to the test today when Chief Richmond County State Court Judge Richard Slaby asks the Augusta Commission to renew the contract for the private firm that monitors criminal offenders.
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Vogtle Vote
ATLANTA — Georgia officials should decide today whether to delay a major debate over the cost of building a nuclear power plant south of Augusta. The Public Service Commission is scheduled to vote on a deal between agency regulators and Southern Co. subsidiary Georgia Power. Under the plan, Georgia Power would withdraw a request to increase its budget to build two nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. It originally wanted to raise the construction budget by $737 million to $6.85 billion.
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Wary Month for Investors
NEW YORK — Imagine gathering nearly everything that has rattled investors' nerves over the past four years: the European debt crisis, fights over the U.S. government's budget and moves by the Federal Reserve. Now imagine all of them crammed into one month. That month? It's September.
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Trivial Pursuits
7 p.m., Roadrunner Cafe, Trivia Tuesday Night, or 8 p.m., Somewhere In Augusta: Trivia.
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Traffic Watch
No major traffic repairs on construction planned.

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