Playing James Brown

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Chadwick Boseman gets the role, but ...
Actor Chadwick Boseman has been chosen to play James Brown in a film about the life of the Godfather of Soul. But should other actors have been considered? Here are a few that made such lists.
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Bruno Mars as James Brown?
Looks like he's got the hair down.
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Omar Epps as James Brown?
Acting range stretches from doctors to athletes.
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Eddie Murphy as James Brown?
Getting a bit old, but cracked up TV audiences 30 years ago with his James Brown routines on Saturday Night Live.
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Jamie Foxx as James Brown?
Has already played another music legend -- Ray Charles.
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Usher as James Brown?
A smoother choice
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Will Smith as James Brown?
Began career as the Fresh Prince and has played another legend -- Muhammad Ali.
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James Brown
The one and only original Godfather of Soul.

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