Kirby postcard favorites

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Miss Scarlett
My mother loves the Blue Willow Inn Restaurant in Social Circle, which is why we take her there for her birthday ... and her anniversaries ... and even my 60th birthday.
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A state joke
A Michigan postcard slyly makes fun of the tourist who would buy it. Most of these same afflictions attack those who stay home and do yard work instead going on vacation.
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Wisconsin -- "Home of the Cheese Bra"
The cow is apparently a bit odd, as well.
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Say what?
Nothing says exotic Hong Kong like a sales pitch for "Bubba Gump Shrimp," a seafood chain inspired by a fictonal character in the Forrest Gump movie.
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Oink, Oink
You can't go wrong with a pig postcard. Send it as a joke, a threat or a mocking comment upon the receiver.
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Boston's Fenway Park
In 1975 two of the best World Series games in history were played here between the Red Sox and my beloved Cincinnati Reds.
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A classic postcard
This Kentucky postcard is really well done. It offers slick, vibrant colors, a map of the state, its motto and two cute representatives of nature -- a squirrel and a redbird.
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Know the score
In 25 years, this was the first time someone converted an Indiana golf course score card into a postcard.
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Another classic
Postcards are notorious for taking the crop for which a state is known and showing an enormous version of it. Idaho postcards do the same thing with potatoes.
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The funny card
It says "open range" -- get it?
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Going, going ... gone!
An educational postcard showing where Mount St. Helens used to be.
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Cash crop
In Georgia, money doesn't grow on trees ... it grows on bushes.
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Build a Moose
Joe Fournier knows it's not only a postcard from Canada, it's an activity. Just cut out the pieces and Build Your Own Moose.
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Postcard Classic
This evokes a simpler time -- probably the 1950s.
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A Clampett vacation
Actually, this is not that much different from a family vacation or two, I remember.
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Back in time
1907 postcard show the Wilkes County Courthouse in Washington, Ga., before it lost its tower.
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Pennsylvania groundhog
I predict six more weeks of postcards in the mail.


For more than 20 years, Chronicle columnist Bill Kirby has asked you to send him postcards from your summer vacation.  Here are some from this summer he found particularly interesting ... and why.

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