2013: State postcards

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Bill Leopard, of Aiken, visited Mobile and the U.S. Alabama Memorial, the ship on which his brother was killed in World War II.
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Greg Brooks of Evans rode a sled dog team on the Juneau ice field. "The view never changed," he joked.
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Abbey Kessman, of Hollywood, Fla, says she's on her real vacation, which included Arizona.
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What's Arkansas without a razorback?. Suzanne St. Pierre, of Augusta, said she was in the Diamond State at the Walmart shareholders meeting. This was probably not a shareholder.
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Robert and Peggy Piper found the weather wonderful in San Francisco.
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Suzana Ashworth, of Grovetown, said the rain followed her out to the Rocky Mountains.
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Emily and Travis Azar sent in a rare Connecticut post card from a New England trip.
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Jan and Paul Griffin, of Martinez, made an extra effort to find a rare post card in Delaware.
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District of Columbia
Kenny, Kathy and Kelsey Middlebrooks went to Washington and said they even met Congressman John Barrow.
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Corky and Debbie Holloway said the weather was beautiful on Daytona Beach.
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Sandra and Shirley Johnson offer an image of the Old South -- the Blue Willow Inn Restaurant in Social Circle between here and Atlanta.
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Jean Barney sent a customized card from Hawaii and writes: "We spent a wonderful two weeks in Hawai. We were with our grandsons (very busy little boys). We went to the zoo in Honolulu, botanical gardens, Dole pineapple plantation, Lanikai beach (and several other beaches)."
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Nancy and Len Sjostrom made it to Idaho and stayed in a 1950s style motel.
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Linda and Jimmie Adams were in Fort Wayne to see their grandson Brian play for the minor league Tin Caps at Parkview Field.
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Seeing the sights in Chicago were Evelyn Johnson.and Martha McGree -- Miss Mitt.
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Lyle and Shirley Glascock, of Evans, sent a card from Souix Falls that featured a skating rink owned by Shirley's parents.
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Frank and Nancy Rollins, of Beech Island, were in Fort Riley visiting their grandson and new great-grand daughter.
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Kathy and Ed said they tried to out-sing everyone on the chorus of this American classic -- 'My Old Kentucky Home.'
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Elizabeth Copeland, of Augusta, sent our first card from Louisiana. It showed a scene from New Orleans.
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Ginny Rushing was visiting family.
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The Hardins and Bentons saw the Orioles beat the Indians in Baltimore.
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Donna and Amy Jerome say two days isn't enough time to see all of Boston.
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The advantages of a Michigan beach? No sharks. No jellyfish. No crusty salt water to deal with, said Paul and Diane James, of Grovetown.
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Shirley and Joel Nelson, of Augusta, say Minnesota has cool nights and pleasant days ... and apparently little traffic.
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Jean and Paul Bacon, of Fort Gordon, say they didn't lose any money in Tunica, known for its casinos.
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Summer and Tim Bell and Judy and Johnny Finley, of North Augusta, say Kansas City is great.
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Nancy and Len Sjostrom said they got off the interstate and had to search but finally found a post card from Montana.
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Richard and Debra Boone in Evans helped get a rare Nebraska postcard, asking The Varnells to send one when the visited.
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Evelyn, Martha and Mittie say nothing is a step back in time like a camel race.
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New Hampshire
Vicki Johnson says New Hampshire "is great!" And if we ever go there, she has provided a map.
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New Jersey
Denise Hamilton, of Aiken, said she was returning to childhood haunts on the Jersey Shore.
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New Mexico
George C. sends greetings from Santa Fe.
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New York
Denise Hamilton, of Aiken, wondered "how many people came through here and moved to Augusta?"
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North Carolina
Russell Pate, of Wadley, finds North Carolina has "beautiful beaches, wild horses and lots of history."
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North Dakota
Stef and Eric Frickey found an 18-hole golf course with nine holes in North Dakota and nine holes in Minnesota.
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Ohio --
Ray and Evelyn and Barbara, of Martinez, found everything was green in Ohio, where they visited family and friends.
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The image shows an Arapaho Crow Indian dance. Cornelia Lambert writes it's "very different from Old Augusta."
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Dave Welter, of Augusta, says Oregon is a beautiful state.
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Butch and Debbie send greetings from "the sweetest place on earth."
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Rhode Island
Jay and Brenda Barrette, of Hephzibah, say they ate a lot of lobster in Newport.
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South Carolina
Gleason Lester was "having a great time at Fripp with my parents Jimmy and Anne."
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South Dakota
Carol and Henry Klein, of North Augusta, say South Dakota has "lots of antelope playing and buffalo roaming."
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The Caudle and Johnson families, of Dearing, say they saw two very large black bears near Pigeon Forge.
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Sally and Bob Fisher, of Augusta, got a tour of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.
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Greg Brooks says the Morman Tabernacle is massive.
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Ken Gordon says the Williamsburg "Ghost Tour" is very interesting.
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The Cole family (Steve, Diane, Tyler and Kyle) said it was hotter in Vermont than it was back in South Carolina.
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Prolific post card sender Joe Fournier was enjoying cool weather near Seattle.
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West Virginia
Ms. McNeal sent this card from her '55 high school class reunion.
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Can you say "Cheese Bikini"? The Hogans of McCormick send this very popular card from Madison and a 60th high school reunion.
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Kristi, Christian and Alex send a funny card from the "open range.''


Our summer vacation mission was to get a postcard from all 50 states (and the District of Columbia). Here they are. The last one to come in was Oklahoma.

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