Lost Cities: Pinetucky

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"Forrest Ross, John Craford, Willard Maddox and Tom Blackston."
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"Leitner Lake: View of the Gristmil looking south or southwest."
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Blythe High School graduating class 1941 in the former town of Pinetucky, where Fort Gordon now stands.
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"Residence of W.T. Wiggins. III, with the dog."
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"Bethesda Baptist Church in the former town of Pinketucky where Fort Gordon now stands."
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"Alvin and Esther Burch."
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"Hoods Chapel School, 1924."
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"Inside view of Gristmill at Leitner Lake showing two sets mil stones for grinding corn" reads the caption on the back of the photograph.
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"1940: Jean Wells at Burch Pond. The pond was drained to rebuild the dam, we think."

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