The Blizzard of '93

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March 13, 1993 -- In Aiken, Lynne Clarke, her dog Pepper, and son Phillip brave the strong winds and cold temperatures that provided a wind chill of minus-5 degrees.
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March 13, 1993 -- Johnny Sheppard, of SC Electric and Gas, repairs one of many lines downed by the wind and ice.
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March 13 -- Six boys brave the winter storm and driving snow flurries.
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March 13, 1993 -- Snow coats azalea blossoms at Augusta College.
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March 13, 1993 -- Kirby Frazier, of the City of Augusta Trees and Parks Dept., saws up a tree that had fallen across Russell Street near the intersection with Walton Way.
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March 13, 1993 -- Jo Maddox (left) at the Kroger on 15th Street, gets assist from grandson Patrick Smith, 11.
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March 13, 1993 -- Tracy Smith (from left), Jim Sandlin and Jason Wren secure tents at the site of the Aiken Trials. High winds and snow flurries canceled the annual horse event in 1993.
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March 13, 1993 -- Beck Rhodes (left) and Jeanie Anderson, huddle against the cold and snow at the intersection of Ruby Drive and Richmond Hill Road following a traffic accident. No one was hurt, but all (including the news photographer) were "chilled to the bone."

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