Augusta mill photos from 1909

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Noon Hour. Workers in Enterprise Cotton Mill, Augusta, Ga. The wheels were kept running through noon hour (which is 40 minutes) so employees could be tempted to put in part of this time at machine. (Library of Congress)
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Group of "Model Tenements" occupied by the workers in Augusta cotton mills. (Library of Congress)
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Doffer boys in Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Ga. (Library of Congress)
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King Mfg. Co., Augusta, Ga. taken at noon, Jan. 14, 1909. (Library of Congress)
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Wallace Pollard, left, in mill for several years.Otis Pollard, right, 2 years in King Mfg. Co., Augusta, Ga.. Photo taken Sat. Jan. 16, 1909. (Library of Congress)
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A doffer boy in Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Ga. (Library of Congress)
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The Rising Generation, Gregtown, Augusta, where the hands in King Mill lived. "Worst part of Augusta." Secretary of Associated Charities said. Boy with cap, (left), Willie Crappse, in mill work for 4 years. Next to him, Jimmie Reese, 2 years in mill. (Library of Congress)
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Workers in Enterprise Cotton Mill. The smallest boy (in middle) had been in this mill 4 years. (Library of Congress)
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Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Ga. Woman was "with child." According to reports, these women worked until the day of childbirth. (Library of Congress)
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Flashlight photo of 5 boys who worked in cotton mill. Three of the smallest of the 5 boys had been there 3 years. One other for 4 years.
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Little spinner in Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Ga. Overseer said she was regularly employed. (Library of Congress)
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Eunice Hadwin, spinner in King Mill, Augusta, Ga., Earned 75 cents to .00 a day. Been in mill work 5 years. (Library of Congress)
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A typical street scene in Gregtown where the employees in King Mill live. (Library of Congress)
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Sibley Cotton Mills in 1903. (Library of Congress)
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King Cotton Mills in 1903. (Library of Congress)
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Eunice Lambert, right, and Nellie McKinney. Worked in King Mill for 2 years. (Library of Congress)
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Charlie Lambert, 15, said he had been in mill work 8 years. (Library of Congress)
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Fursen (sic) Owens, 12, can't read and doesn't know ABC's. "Yes I want to learn but I can't when I work all the time." Had been in mills 4 years, 3 years in Olympia Mill, Columbia, S.C. and 1 year in Augusta. (Library of Congress)


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