Entries from Adventure Crossing's Spooktacular Kids Photo Contest

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CONTEST WINNER: The cutest dinosaur and chicken in the world! (Submitted by JoPro)
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Beautiful monster

Beautiful monster (Submitted by letitia)
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Zombie Logan

He walked around all night saying "BRAAAIIIINS" (Submitted by Selena)
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Pirate Karter

Me name be Karter. I be needin your vote or ye shall walk the plank! (Submitted by brookemc28)
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The Good Tutu Fairy

Trick or Treat? I hope it is a treat because I am so sweet! I am the good tutu fairy here to say happy Halloween to you all! (Submitted by jenn5225)
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This is Jayden he is 17 months old and I think he is the cutest Elmo ever! (Submitted by kelly)
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Cousins ready to go out on the town for some trick or treating. (Submitted by carebear77)
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Chief of Police

Ethan (Submitted by JULIO)
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Precious Painted SHAE!

Shae is always brightening our days!! (Submitted by AnnaLori)
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Haley loves her big bouncy wig, don't you? (Submitted by AnnaLori)
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The zombie gangster who took down Freddy

This is my 9 year old Zombie gangster who arrested and took down Freddy!! (Submitted by Jennifer)
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Twin Zebras First Halloween

My girls Leah & Ava wearing their first costumes. (Last year they were too small to fit into a costume). They will be 13 months on 10/28! (Submitted by Renee)
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Vampires (Submitted by patroll)
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BikerMonster2012 (Submitted by Kaygy)
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Little Indian Princess. (Submitted by Heather)
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Zombie ready to go Trick or Treating and the dog so wanted to go. (Submitted by carebear77)
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Bat to the Bone

Ariel (Submitted by JULIO)
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Girl kidnapped by a zombie

Save me from the evil zombie before he makes my rollers come out...lol (Submitted by maccoroni)
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I dream of Jeannie!! (Submited by Heather)
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Daylan 2011 halloween

Arrggg give me candy. (Submitted by lighthouse)
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A ninja, a princess, and a ..zombie!?!?

The Ninja will protect the Princess from the Zombie!! Becca, Rosie, and Daniel (Submitted by Rachel)
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The Mysterious Monster Magician

This is our 9 year old Mysterious Monster Magician....he would like to Magically win! (Submitted by Jack)
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Both sides of JoJo!

Don't let the tutu fool you! She's girly on the outside but inside, she's a tough, softball playing tomboy who's ready to kick some butt! (Submitted by Lori)
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Sir Christian Knight

Van Joseph getting ready to slay dragons as Sir Christian Knight! (Submitted by jwaites)
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Boo Bear

Thaddeus Lee the Smoky Mountain black bear! (Submitted by jwaites)
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The Great Pumpkin Thief

Miss Addyson Shirey -- Happy Halloween! (Submitted by Gene)
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Angry Bird and HotDog

Trick Or Treat -- Kayden and Aiden Shirey (Submitted by Gene)
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The Great Pumpkin

Shelbie Lee Cranford - the Great Pumpkin. (Submitted by April)

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