Camp Lawton dig, artifacts

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Archaeologists have located the stockade walls that once surrounded Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp that housed thousands of captured Union soldiers. SPECIAL
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Georgia Southern University students Matt Newberry and Misty Dunn (in foreground) scrape soil from a trench at Magnolia Springs State Park, while student volunteers Kevin Chapman and Lucas Jordan (in trench) and Caitlyn Farrias do other work. FILE
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Then-graduate student Kevin Chapman surveys the site at Camp Lawton while students dig in a trench in search of artifacts. FILE
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Onlookers view cases full of artifacts recovered from Camp Lawton, a Civil War POW camp recently excavated. FILE/STAFF
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A bullet from an Enfield rifle.
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A brass clasp.
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A fork.
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Knapsack hook.
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Union infantry uniform button.
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A piece of silver jewelry.
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A buckle from an enlisted soldier's kepi hat -- a military cap with a round, flat top.
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A large US 1-cent piece.
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A bronze "parole star" was worn by prisoners with privileges.
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A soldier's clay pipe, with improvised lead bowl, still has its maker's teeth marks on the stem.
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A non-military silver spoon.
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A tourniquet buckle would have been used during amputations.
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A German-made token with a likeness of George Washington might have been "currency."
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A badly rusted key.
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A copper ring with an elongated diamond emblem believed to represent the Union’s Army 3rd Corps.

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