Serial killer Reinaldo Rivera

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This sketch led investigators to Reinaldo Rivera in October 2000.
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Once identified as a possible suspect in a brutal rape in Augusta, Reinaldo Rivera fled to this hotel where he slashed his wrists and injested a bottle of over-the-counter pain medicine.
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Picture of Reinaldo Rivera taken while he was still in the Navy, Rivera told investigators he had raped women throughout his time with the Navy.
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A memorial service was held for Sgt. Marni Glista at Fort Gordon.
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After the confession, law enforcement officers searched for the remains of one of Reinaldo Rivera's victims in Columbia County.
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Ronald Sharp sometimes let Reinaldo Rivera borrow his van.
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Sgt. Marni Glista was 21 years old when she was attacked in her home on Labor Day 2000. She never regained consciousness and died after she was taken off life support.
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Richmond County Investigator Wayne Bunton was the lead investigator in a brutal rape. The investigation led to a serial killer.
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Jason Glista and a friend talk with a victim's advocate before one of Reinaldo Rivera's court hearings.
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Reinaldo Rivera tried to fire attorneys Peter Johnson and Jacque Hawk because they wanted to present mitigating evidence - evidence that jurors should impose a life in prison sentence instead of death.
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Then District Attorney Daniel J. Craig enraged serial killer Reinaldo Rivera by telling jurors Rivera was a vicious killer who stalked Sgt. Marni Glista. Rivera insisted she invited him into her home. Craig is now a Superior Court judge.
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Tabitha Bosdell was 17 years old when she disappeared in June 2000. Her remains were not located until Reinaldo Rivera told detectives where to look.
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Defense attorneys Peter Johnson on the right and Jacque Hawk listen as tape recordings of Reinaldo Rivera's confessions are played for the jurors.
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Jason Wilson testified about his wife Tiffany, who was last seen alive when she left home to take their newborn baby for a Christmas photograph on December 4, 1999.
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Tiffany Wilson was 17 years old when she disappeared on Dec. 4, 1999, Her remains were found three weeks later.
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Dr. Thomas Sachy testified as an expert witness for the defense. He told jurors that Reinaldo Rivera's brain was abnormal, which could account for his violence.
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An image of Reinaldo Rivera's brain that was presented to jurors during his trial.
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Dr. David Hess volunteered to testify as a rebuttal witness for the state after learning what an expert defense witness told the jurors about Reinaldo Rivera's brain.
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Ashley Wright, then an assistant prosecutor, talked with family members of the victims. Although Reinaldo Rivera was only tried on one count of murder, family and friends of all four victims attended the trial. Wright is now the district attorney.
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Gloria Rivera testified on behalf of her brother during the sentencing phase of the trial.
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Gloria Perius gave a victim-impact statement about the loss of her daughter, Sgt. Marni Glista.
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Reinaldo Rivera told jurors they should vote for the death penalty. He also told them he fantasizes about the killings.
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Sgt. Marni Glista's sister, Wendy Knopp, hugged brother-in-law Jason Glista after the verdict was announced.
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Reinaldo Rivera sits during his formal sentencing hearing.
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Melissa Dingess was only 17 years old when she disappeared in July 1999. Her remains were not found until Reinaldo Rivera told detectives where he had left two of his victims.

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