Judge Bernard Mulherin Sr.

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Judge Bernard Mulherin Sr. in 1994.
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Judge Mulherin makes point during media interview in 1990s
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David Dross, left, president of the Irish American Heritage Society, watches as Bernard Mulherin, right, puts the grand marshal sash on Ferris Dorr at the Sheraton Augusta Hotel in 1999.
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Superior Court Judge Bernard Mulherin swears in Charles Devaney for his fourth term as mayor of Augusta, GA January 3, 1994 as wife Nancy Devaney holds the Bible.
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Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver, left, takes the oath of office from Judge Bernard J. Mulherin Sr, right, with his wife, Malisa Copenhaver in superior court at the Municipal Building on Monday, December 12, 2005.
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Judge Mulherin on the bench during a court proceeding in 2001.
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Judge Mulherin during a 2001 proceeding.
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Judge Bernard J. Mulherin is reflected in a marble wall of the "Marble Palace" as the Municipal Building often called. PhotographedApril 29, 2011 during the last court session held at the Municipal Building.
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As he presides over the last court session in the Municipal Building, Chief Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet, middle, is accompanied a host of other judges who have worked at the there over the years. Photographed Friday afternoon April 29, 2011. The judges are, from left, Wade Padgett, Bernard J. Mulherin, Sheryl Jolly, William M. Fleming, Michael Annis, Judge Overstreet, Albert Pickett, J. David Roper, James G. Blanchard Jr., and Daniel Craig.
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