Slideshow: Some of Augusta's unsolved homicides

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Carol Denise Greggs
June 17, 1973: The body of Carol Denise Greggs, 24, was found by her boyfriend, Grady Abrams, in her home on Ruby Drive. At a coroner’s inquest on Aug. 20, it was determined she had died by strangulation June 15 or 16.
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Cynthia Jo Wozneski
Dec. 20, 1984: Firefighters arrived at 805 Heard Ave. and found the charred body of Cynthia Jo Wozneski, 31. Although it was initially labeled an accidental fire death, medical evidence later showed she died before the fire started.
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DeCarla Lashea Harris
Oct. 5, 1994: DeCarla Lashea Harris, 23, was found stabbed during an apparent robbery in Williams­burg Apartments.
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Michelle D. Walker
April 29, 1996: The nude body of Michelle D. Walker, 26, of the 1400 block of Channing Court, was found along River Watch Parkway near Alexander Drive. She appeared to have been dragged there after being killed elsewhere.
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Lena Arkansas Toole
Feb. 28, 1997: Lena Arkansas Toole, 87, died of a brain hemor­rhage after a boy riding a bike tried to snatch her purse in the 1500 block of Whitney Street.
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James Gramling
March 30, 1997: James Gramling, 20, left his parents’ house on his all-terrain vehicle to see a friend and was never seen again. The vehicle was found in a wooded area off Windsor Spring Road covered in blood.
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Ruben Maldonado
Oct. 30, 1997: Ruben Maldonado, 17, was killed in a drive-by shooting in front of his Sparks Avenue home.
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Eugene Crawford
Nov. 21, 1998: Eugene Crawford, 19, died after being shot multiple times on Conniston Drive.
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Robert Thurmond
Dec. 4, 1998: Robert Thurmond, 20, died after being shot by a man who chased him and called him “Little Bob.”
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Jason Larry Toomer
March 13, 1999: Jason Larry Toomer, 26, died after a drive-by shooting in front of his home on Southgate Drive.
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Shanta White
June 1, 2000: Shanta White, 22, was shot in the abdomen at close range while sitting in her car, talking on a cell phone in front of her home on Raleigh Drive. She was eight months’ pregnant, and the unborn baby died with her.
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Holland Kinsey
Oct. 25, 2000: Holland Kinsey, 52, was found dead in his Rhodes Drive home after being strangled and slashed with a knife. A neighbor, Anthony Betts, 24, died from injuries hours earlier when he crashed Kinsey’s vehicle into a utility pole on Eighth Street while fleeing police.
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Renardo Newton
May 12, 2003: Renardo Newton, 16, was shot a block from his home on Old Savannah Road hours after a fight with a group of people. Police said the unsolved shooting death of Jasmine Hollins, 17, was in retaliation for Newton’s death.
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Yang Kyn Han
Aug. 15, 2003: Yang Kyn Han, 53, was locking J.C. Food Store on Golden Camp Road when a man tried to rob him. Police believe Han pulled out a gun and was shot in the chest.
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Larry Drayton
Sept. 21, 2003: Witnesses heard gunfire and saw Larry Drayton, 15, run from the back of his Bahama Drive apartment and collapse.
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Natalie Clark
Oct. 18, 2003: Natalie Clark, 18, was found face-down in her backyard in Hephzibah. She had been suffocated.
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Bryan Keith Cook
Nov. 17, 2003: Bryan Keith Cook, 36, was found stran­gled in his home at Olm­stead Homes. Family members said he was mentally retarded.
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Manuel Pantoja
Feb. 25, 2004: Manuel Pant­oja, 82, was found stabbed multiple times at his home on Milledgeville Road. Police believe he was robbed and stabbed at his front door.
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Robert Lee Dorsey
Sept. 18, 2004: Robert Lee Dorsey, 46, was found stabbed multiple times at his Deans Bridge Road apartment.
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Catrina Beatrice Evans
Aug. 25, 2005: Catrina Beatrice Evans, 19, was found in her Amsterdam Drive apartment five days after being stabbed multiple times. Her 13-month-old child was found in the apartment unharmed.
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LaRicky Lee Sanders
Sept. 11, 2005: LaRicky Lee Sanders, 20, was shot in front of his home on Calvary Road. Witnesses said the shooting occurred after an ex­change with a man in a 1990s model four-door sedan.
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Michael Anthony Bogans
Nov. 12, 2005: Steve Martin, 31, and Michael Anthony Bogans, 29, both were shot in the chest after a fight at Gunther’s Lounge on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
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Steve Martin
Nov. 12, 2005: Steve Martin, 31, and Michael Anthony Bogans, 29, both were shot in the chest after a fight at Gunther’s Lounge on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
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Deborah Fortunato Dill
April 25, 2006: Deborah Fortu­nato Dill, 48, was reported missing from her home on Woodbine Road. Police investigated the case as a murder, with her husband, John, as the prime suspect.
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Isaiah Randolph Selman
July 10, 2006: Isaiah Randolph Selman, 28, was found beaten, bound and burned in a field off Old McDuffie Road. Police believe the killing was drug-related.
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Antonio Daniel Willis
Dec. 3, 2009: Antonio Daniel Willis, 27, was shot in the neck in an attempted armed robbery at his Sunset Villa Apartment on Essie McIntyre Boulevard.
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Anthony Michael Edwards
Dec. 15, 2009: Anthony Michael Edwards, 27, was shot during a robbery attempt in the Winn Dixie parking lot on Gordon Highway.
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Jasmine Bianca Hollins
April 30, 2010: Jasmine Bianca Hollins, 17, was shot when gunmen sprayed a house on 11th Street with bullets. Police do not know why she was there.
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Lowanda Person Tanksley
May 15, 2010: Lawanda Person Tanksley, 31, was strangled in a vacant house on D’Antignac Street.
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Jeramie Anthony Hammonds
July 5, 2010: Kayla Marie Wells, 19, and Jeramie Anthony Hammonds, 20, were found shot to death on a trail near Glenn Hills Drive.
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Kayla Marie Wells
July 5, 2010: Kayla Marie Wells, 19, and Jeramie Anthony Hammonds, 20, were found shot to death on a trail near Glenn Hills Drive.
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Corey Reid Garnett
Sept. 11, 2010: Corey Reid Garnett, 20, was shot multiple times at his apartment on Damascus Road.
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Angela Brooks
Nov. 25, 2010: Nancy Cushman, 17, and Angela Brooks, 19, were shot “execution style” at Twiggs Street and Laney-Walker Boulevard.
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Angelo Quinn Daggett
May 14, 2011: Angelo Quinn Daggett, 23, was found shot outside River Glen Apartments on East Telfair Street.
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Travis Daniel Moore
May 26, 2011: Travis Daniel Moore, 25, was shot outside his home on Old Louisville Road. Authorities believe the death was the result of a drug-related robbery.
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Lawrence Russell Moore
Nov. 20, 2011: Law­rence Russell Moore, 36, was shot in an empty lot on Essie McIntyre Boulevard.
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Terrell Kenan Calloway
Dec. 7, 2011: Terrell Kenan Calloway, 23, was shot at Golden Camp and Hawthorne roads.
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Ronald Irvin
Dec. 13, 2011: Ronald Irvin, 47, was shot at his home on Naples Drive.
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Tyrone Parrish
Dec. 23, 2011: Tyrone Parrish, 41, was shot in his home on Exuma Drive.
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Kyle Austin Royal
Jan. 16, 2012: Kyle Austin Royal, 16, was shot in the backseat of a car at Club Magic, which was operating illegally on Mike Padgett Highway. The vehicle crashed into a telephone pole nearby.


This slideshow includes photos and information for 40 of more than 90 unsolved homicides that occurred in Augusta from 1973 until the present.

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