Slideshow: American Red Cross Heroes

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Lauren Gill
Lauren Gill (center) received the Good Samaritan Youth Hero Award for administering the Heimlich Maneuver to a 5-year-old girl who was choking on a piece of candy.
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Joanne Cullum and Tikishi Herring
EMTs Joanne Cullum (left) and Tikishi Herring received the Medical Hero Award for their role in saving the life of a gunshot victim. They had stopped at a convenience store when a car pulled up alongside them with the victim in the passenger seat. They stabilized the victim before transporting him to the emergency room.
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Sgt. Peter Ciccio
Sgt. Peter Ciccio received the Good Samaritan Hero Award after he administered the Heimlich Maneuver to colleague Deputy James Reed after the latter began choking on a piece of food.
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Cole Rappold
Cole Rappold received the Water Rescue Hero Award for saving his 3-year-old brother, Gavin, from drowning in the deep end of a neighbor’s swimming pool.
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Barbara Gleitsmann
Barbara Gleitsmann received the Animal Rescue Hero Award for her work saving animals through Happy Tails Rescue, Inc.
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Rigdon and Furlani
Sgt. Daniel Ridgon and Firefighter Furlani received the Fire Rescue Hero Award after they went inside a burning to home to rescue a man who had collapsed on the bed.
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Deputy Larry Thigpen
Deputy Larry Thigpen (right) received the Law Enforcement Hero Award for rendering rescue breaths to a person he found unresponsive in a parking lot.
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Pfc. Heath McClung
Pfc. Heath McClung received the Military Hero Award for his efforts to save a fellow soldier in Afghanistan. After tying a tourniquet around his own leg, he worked to stop the bleeding after shrapnel passed completely through his comrade’s stomach until they could be medically evacuated.
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Larry Miller
Larry Miller, a Century 21 real estate broker, received the Community Partner Hero Award for spearheading a project collecting hand-warmers and beef jerky for front-line military personnel in Afghanistan.
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Curt and Patty Strickland
Curt and Patty Strickland received the Spirit of the Red Cross Award for their volunteer work with the American Red Cross. The couple is certified in Red Cross Disaster Courses, are members of the Disaster Services Human Resource System, and have assisted with several national disasters, including the Virginia floods and Sept. 11.
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John William Richards III
John William Richards III received the Wilderness Rescue Hero Award for saving a friend from the Savannah River during a kayaking accident.
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Geoff Duncklee,
Geoff Duncklee (center), an Army nurse, received the Nurse Rescue Hero Award for administering CPR to a man he found who had suffered a heart attack while on a morning jog.
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Jessica Kirby
Jessica Kirby, an athletic trainer at Grovetown High School, received the Educator/Community Hero Award for saving a football player from heatstroke after he became overheated during practice.


Local heroes were honored for their life-saving actions by the Augusta Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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