South Carolina Legislature

Schools could get boost

COLUMBIA --- South Carolina's schools could pick up an unexpected $105 million from growing state revenues under a budget proposal the Senate... Read more

S.C. legislators try for new Amazon deal

COLUMBIA --- Lawmakers will try again to get a sales tax break for through the South Carolina House in... Read more

Bill allows schools to set their hours

COLUMBIA --- South Carolina school districts could get creative with school hours under a bill that some legislators fear could usher in a four-... Read more

State chief justice halts all pending foreclosures

COLUMBIA --- South Carolina's chief justice Tuesday ordered a stop to all pending foreclosures until the banks and homeowners involved can... Read more

S.C. House OKs deal on voter ID bill

COLUMBIA --- The South Carolina House on Tuesday approved an agreement on a bill requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls,... Read more

S.C. Senate head blasts funds for Medicaid

COLUMBIA --- South Carolina's soaring Medicaid program spending is siphoning money away from other state priorities such as school buses and needs... Read more

Clyburn, Graham: Progress made on SC port project

COLUMBIA --- U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn said he hopes to find funding within a few weeks to finish a study of deepening Charleston's port, a move... Read more