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Scuttlebiz: State pension plans can't afford your retirement...

This column isn’t going to make me any friends. In fact, I’ll probably lose a few, even though – deep down – they might even... Read more

Textron action to add 100-150 jobs

Textron Specialized Vehicles will add from 100-150 jobs to its Augusta workforce during the next year as it combines operations with Jacobsen, of... Read more

Scuttlebiz: Teamwork helps businesses, hurricane evacuees

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Scuttlebiz: MOX project is too far along to abandon

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Manufacturing job loss has benefits for nation


I often get asked about the future of manufacturing in the U.S. and locally. Sometimes this is phrased as “when... Read more

Scuttlebiz: Community prepares for cyber savvy education

If you want to be a doctor, it’s obvious which institution in this town “owns” medical education.

If you... Read more