Cher Best

Cher in the City: Giving spirit can warm your own heart

Several weekends ago, I was having the kind of weekend that I’d looked forward to all week.

You know, the kind where you stay in bed later... Read more

Cher in the City: Experience with Rodney brings me out of my shell

I am an animal lover. I really am. I love dogs and cats and horses and chickens and I even had a pet pig when I was 6 that we kept at my... Read more

Cher in the City: Thanks for all the phrases that reflect my life

“Ain’t life grand!” (meaning things are going well).

I’m sure you have heard that phase before along with others like “The apple doesn’t... Read more

Cher in the City: Bubba, and the Y, teach about family

These days there are so many different kinds of families. It really does look a whole lot different than it did when I was growing up.

For... Read more

Cher in the City: This is the year for some life changes

Are you one of those people who remember the exact moment when something happened in your life – like your first kiss, or the moment you knew you... Read more

Cher in the City: Halloween's treats are small, but sweet...

I had a surprisingly fun Halloween afternoon this year. Although it wasn’t what I had planned, I got to hang out with a group of 3- and 4-year-... Read more

Cher in the City: Augusta City Classic proves to be great motivator

I really hate having to lose weight! It is the worst. Now, don’t get it twisted, I love working out once I get there and start doing it. But I... Read more