Farmers market

This is a list of commodities available at the Georgia Farmers Market, 1150 Fifth St. Prices and availability of produce are subject to change.

For current prices, call (706) 721-3004 between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Saturday. The public is welcome to purchase produce in bulk or individual units.

Several farmers are accepting WIC coupons and some vendors accept EBT.

The units available are in parentheses and the price per unit in dollars follows the unit. The units are box, bushel, count, crate, lug, dozen (doz.) pound (lb.), bag and flat.

Apple (bushel) $24-$26, (box) $19-$20; avocados (box) $46-$47; bananas (box) $20-$21; beans, lima (bushel) $22-$24; beans, pole (bushel) $27-$28; beans, snap (bushel) $25-$27; broccoli (14-count) $17-$18; cabbage (50 lbs.) $20-$21; cantaloupes (crate) $16-$17; carrots (50 lbs.) $17-$18, (48-1 lb. bag) $17-$18; cauliflower (box) $23-$24; celery (box) $20-$22; corn, green (crate) $14-$15; cucumbers (box) $14-$15; eggs (case) $52-$53, (half-case) $28-$29; eggplant (box) $10-$12; grapefruit (box) $21-$22; grapes (lug) $22-$24; greens, collards (dozen) $15-$17; greens, mustards (dozen) $15-$17; greens, turnips (carton) $16-$18; herbs (carton) $12-$18; honeydews (crate) $16-$17; kale (carton) $16-$17; kiwis (box) $10-$12; lemons (box) $24-$26; lettuce (box) $20-$22, romaine (box) $20-$22; limes (box) $15-$16; mushrooms (cartons) $15-$16; nectarines (carton) $15-$16; okra (half-bushel) $14-$15; onions, green (box) $18-$19, dry (50 lbs.) $24-$25; onions, Vidalia (5 lbs.) $6; oranges (box) $16-$17, navel (box) $19-$20; parsley (carton) $17-$18; peaches (half-bushel) $17-$19; peanuts, dry (50 lbs.) $44-$45, green (bushel) $49-$52; pears (box) $31-$33; peas, white acre, unshelled (bushel) $21-$22; peas, pink eyes, unshelled (bushel) $21-$22; pepper, bell (carton) $14-$15, banana (half-bushel) $16-$17.



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