Georgia-Carolina Fair winners

The following is a list of winners from the 84th annual Georgia-Carolina Fair:



Grades K-2

Recycled Craft -- Made from Used Materials: Erika Bondar , third.

Glazed Ceramics: Abbi Lee , second.

Wood Craft -- Made from Wood: Andrew Ragland , first, second and third.

Under Glazed Ceramics: Andrew Ragland , first.

Grades 3-5

Recycled Craft -- Used Material: Timothy West , third.

Handmade Rug: Sarah McKutheous , second.

Handmade Rug: Lily Young , first; and Ariel O'Riley , third.

Household Accessories: Alexis Carroll , first; Katherine Lariscy , second; and Shelby Walker , third.

Wall Hanging: Karen McGahee , first; Julia Hatcher , second; and Romila Drayton , third.

Christmas Ornament: Brian Stokes , second; and Schuyler Hart , third.

Christmas Wreath: Qamur Brooks , first.

Holiday Decoration -- Except Christmas: Hailey Herrick , first; Ariel O'Riley , second; and Schuyler Hart , third.

Stuffed Toy: Katherine Lariscy , first.

Handmade Jewelry: Katherine Lariscy , first; and Victoria Williams , second and third.

Kitchen Aid: Katherine Lariscy , first.

Hand Painted Article: Kelsey Powell , first; Jordan Sassard , second; and Jack Bates , third.

Needlepoint Article: Katherine Lariscy , first.

Doll -- Other: Dalton Harrell , first.

Glazed Ceramics: Shikyra Williams , first; Chakanna Coleman , second; and Damien Clemans , third.

Group Project -- Other than Holiday: Hennan Weckel , second; and Tho Van , third.

Painted T-Shirt: Timothy Watson , first; Justin Phillips , second; and Teresa Lacy , third.

Decorated T-Shirt: Katherine Lariscy , first; and Tamara Pinkney , second.

Pillow: Kiara Sullivan , first; Dalton Rutledge , second; and Arie O'Riley , third.

Other: Tamara Pickneyh , first; Malaysia Durden , second; and Hannah Tedder , third.

Best of Show: Alexander Bondar .

Grades 6-8

Pillow: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first; Cambria Bates , second; and Dallas Rutledge , third.

Accessory: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first and second.

Other: Brittany Dixon , first; Susanna Bondar , second; and Clayton Lariscy , third.

Nature Craft -- Natural Materials: Holly Timblin , first; Ellen Griffin , second; and Susanna Bondar , third.

Leather Craft: Emma Echols , first.

Wood Craft: Caitlyn Davis , first; Emma Echols , second; and Holly Timblin , third.

Birdhouse: Sarah Alexander , first; Catherine Weathersbee , second; and Larry White , third.

Recycled Craft -- Used Materials: Susanna Bondar , first; Heidi Lee , second; and Lauren Parsons , third.

Desk Accessories: Lauren Parsons , first.

Household Accessories: Kirsten Jensen , first; Kaitlyn Dunaway , second; and Emma Echols , third.

Wall Hanging: Kristen Jensen , first; Holly Timblin , second; and Emma Echols , third.

Christmas Ornament: Lauren Parsons , first; and Darien Mercer , second.

Christmas Wreath: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first; and Lauren Parsons , second.

Christmas Decoration: Emma Echols , first.

Holiday Decoration -- Except Christmas: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first; Emma Echols , second; and Susanna Bondar , third.

Puppet: Clayton Lariscy , first.

Handmade Jewelry: Kaitlyn Shinault , first; Susanna Bondar , second; and Lauren Parsons , third.

Hair Accessory: Susanna Bondar , first; and Kaitlyn Dunaway , second.

Cross-Stitched Article: Borg Bates , first; Khiara Reed , second; and William Greene , third.

Crocheted Article: Jessica Armenta , first; and Brittany Dixon , second.

String Art Picture: Epiphany Timmons , first.

Glazed Ceramics: Susanna Bondar , first; and Heidi Lee , second and third.

Artificial Flower Arrangement: Lauren Parsons , first.

Decorative Pillow: Holly Timblin , first.

Painted T-Shirt: Clayton Lariscy , first.

Decorated T-Shirt: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first; and Susanna Bondar , second.

Other: Clayton Lariscy , first; Kaitlyn Dunaway , second; and Ellen Griffin , third.

Best of Show 6-8: Kaitlyn Dunaway .

Grades 9-12

Blouse or Shirt: Tessa Trollinger , first.

Pillow: Sade Anthony , second.

Other: Jasmine Freeman , first; and Angelique Knight , second.

Wood Craft: Sade Anthony , third.

Recycled Craft -- Used Material: Itza Walters , first; Emily Austin , second; and Raven Littlejohn , third.

Desk Accessories: April Henry , first; Hailey Jones , second; and Taylor Gass , third.

Household Accessory: Emily Beclhyn , second; and Amanda Collins , third.

Wall Hanging: Taylor Gass , first; Sims , second; and Amanda Alred , third.

Christmas Ornament: Summer Clark , second.

Holiday Decoration -- Except Christmas: Sade Anthony , first; Gail Sims , second; and Courtney Curtis , third.

Wreath -- Except Christmas: Ashley Drake , second.

Stuffed Toy: Erin Horn , first; Anna Beth Thompson , second; and Taylor Gass , third.

Handmade Sewing Accessory: Courtney Curtis , first.

Handmade Jewelry/Hair Accessory: Elizabeth Parsons , first; and Tessa Trollinger , second.

Kitchen Aid: Ashley Roye , first.

Hand Painted Article: Liz Runnke , first; Brittany Bahler , second; and Heather Farris , third.

Doll -- Other: Courtney Fearneyhough , first; Carissa , second; and Courtney Erbland , third.

Crocheted Article: Tessa Trollinger , first; and Sade Anthony , third.

Glazed Ceramics: Matthew McPhail , first; Alexa Burgess , second; and Sade Anthony , third.

Handmade Pocketbook/Tote Bag: Tessa Trollinger , first; Sade Anthony , second; and Taylor Gass , third.

Painted T-Shirt: Elizabeth Parsons , first.

Decorated T-Shirt: Tessa Trollinger , second.

4-H Junior Record Book -- Memories Only: Rachel Hensley , first; Ian Lukas-Garcia , second; and Gavin Bailey , third.

Other: Tessa Trollinger , first; Shelby Sheppard , second; and Tylynn McClurkin , third.

4-H Mini Booths (4-H Members Only): Anna Hensley , first; Arthur Chapman , second; and Ashley Dodgen , third.

Best of Show 9-12: Jasmine Freeman .


Kindergarten-Grade 2

Animals: Abby Bentley , first and third; and Erika Bondar , second.

People: Abby Bentley , first, second and third.

Scenic: Abby Bentley , first and second.

Best of Show: Abby Bennett .

Grades 3-5

Animals: Shelby Gossett , first and third; and Ivor Stoddard , second.

Candid: Ivor Stoddard Jr. , first, second and third.

Scenic: Alexander Bondar , first; and Ivan Stoddard Jr. , second and third.

Still Life: Shelby Gossett , first and third; and Alexander Bondar , second.

Best of Show: Shelby Gossett .

Grades 6-8

Animals: Jennifer McDaniel , first; Eric Stokes , second; and Holly Timblin , third.

Candid: Mattie Hyder , first; Eric Stokes , second; and Jennifer McDaniel , third.

Other: Eric Stokes , first and third; and Jennifer McDaniel , second.

People: Summer Barefield , first; and Eric Stokes , second and third.

Scenic: Kaitlyn Dunaway , first; Jennifer McDaniel , second; and Mallory Waiters , third.

Still Life: Eric Stokes , first; Jennifer McDaniel , second; and Kaitlyn Dunaway , third.

Best of Show: Eric Stokes .

Grades 9-12

Animals: Jennifer Wilson , first; Amber Kolodziejczyk , second; and Jessi Montgomery , third.

Candid: Amber Kolodziejczyk , first; Jennifer Wilson , second; and Nathan Montgomery , third.

Other: Nicole Bustamante , first; Trilogy Gunby , second; and Jessi Montgomery , third.

People: Sissy McKinney , first; Jessi Montgomery , second; and Trilogy Gunby , third.

Scenic: Nicole Bustamante , first; Max Cooke , second; and Jessi Montgomery , third.

Still Life: Amber Kolodziejczyk , first and second; and Elizabeth Parsons , third.

Best of Show: Amber Kolodziejczyk .

18 Years and Up

Animals: Steve Mahs , first; Alison Pierson , second; and Robin Lewis , third.

Candid: Wanda Scarboro , first; Nicole Swanson , second; and Cameron Bentley , third.

Other: Wanda Scarboro , first; Gloria Bonham , second; and Deborah McGugan , third.

People: Jennifer Johnson , first; M.D. Heppert , second; and Wanda Scarboro , third.

Scenic: Cameron Bentley , first; Steve Mahs , second; and Nicole Swanson , third.

Still Life: Wanda Scarboro , first; M.D. Heppert , second; and Alison Pierson , third.

Best of Show: Jennifer Johnson .



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