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Sunday, Aug 10, 2014

Letter: Sovereignty violated

The price of freedom remains eternal vigilance.
By Andy Windham

Column: Attention football fans: Event in Atlanta to honor military's gridiron might

The move of the College Football Hall of Fame to Atlanta is a strong indicator that the center of gravity of college football has moved to the Southeast.
By Perry Smith

Guest Column: Savannah River Site is a national treasure, and we must use it wisely

Overall, this looks like a good starting point for SRS to develop new missions.
By Donald N. Bridges, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Past generations of so-called 'unattended' children turned out just fine

We could just stop and think: "There but for the grace of God go I."
By Gwen Fulcher Young

Editorial: Choking businesses

"Choking" out businesses for doing nothing more than being morally at odds with the current administration smacks of totalitarianism.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Friday, Aug 8, 2014

Letter: Arrest the president

When will the flames of freedom erupt in the heart of every American across this great land?
By James J. Stachowiak

Letter: Don't blame Obama only

Republicans aren't going to let facts get in the way of their fantasy.
By Amber Rosen

Editorial: Another case for stronger borders

Anyone with nefarious intentions knows the easiest way to get into the United States is through its southern border.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Thursday, Aug 7, 2014

Letter: No moral equivalence

Israel protects its citizens; it doesn't hide its military among the civilian population.

Letter: Keep kids out of hot cars

There is a simple solution to eliminating child vehicular heat stroke death.
By Angela Chiang, B.S. and B.S. and Shanti Bhatia

Editorial: Bottom line

Though Dr. Jesse L. Steinfeld's tenure in Augusta was short, he is credited with creating MCG's master plan.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: 'Squid pro quo?'

Unseemly, petty and spiteful are all apt descriptions of this affair. But none sum it up better than this word: disappointing.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Injustice, imbalance reign

The still, small voices of reason and justice will cry out for peace.
By Lorraine Barlett

Letter: Reduce corporate taxes

A reduction in corporate tax is the answer.
By John Mullen

Editorial: Targeting treatment

The new grant strengthens our medical community and, hopefully, the health care it provides for all its residents.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014


Ripe for reform

The $16 billion for the VA will do a lot of things. What it won’t do is start to reform a culture that rewards liars, punishes whistleblowers and shields itself from scrutiny with a bureaucratic brick wall.

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