Editorial: Celebrate without hate

There's no reason his holiday must give way completely to our fresh reading of history and the misfortunes of other cultures.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: Tearing ourselves apart

If America dies from its own self-inflicted wounds, future generations won't be all that selective in whom they blame.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Honor med professionals

Please join us in honoring these dedicated central service professionals this week.
By Terri Crosson

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Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015

Cline: First-person shooter

As good as body cameras are, they don't tell the entire story.
By Damon Cline

Friday, Oct. 2, 2015

Letter: Charity walk was superb

One should never underestimate the spirit and compassion of the good people in the Augusta area.
By Roland J. Behm

Editorial: Why settle for mediocrity?

Increasing the number of magnet schools is a no-brainer solution to boosting enrollment and improving academic performance in Richmond County.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: Poisoned by politics

Where's the "common sense" in always putting the laser-beam focus on the killer's weapon instead of his motive?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Officials should resign

If they do not resign, then Augusta voters should remember their failure and vote them out of their jobs.
By Brian Russell Brown

Editorial: Secret Disservice

Clean your own house, Secret Service, before ever trying to sully ours again.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015

Letter: Maintain animal studies

Whom do you trust to select the most effective research techniques; the renowned scientists at MCG, or some political hack from Washington, D.C.?
By Steve Sheetz

Letter: Candidates need advice

Trump, Carson and Fiorina must keep up the good fight - as long as they don't fight among themselves.
By John Fedele

Editorial: A wonderful life

Indeed, Ed Skinner's is an all-American life story.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: GOP needs an action figure

What the GOP needs now is a uniting presence in the House speakership.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Speaker must be fair

He should end the practice in choosing bills while ignoring the minority party.
By Victor J. Reilly

Letter: Fight hunger in CSRA

Using all of our connections, we can fight hunger and build a stronger community.
By Ora Parish

Monday, Sept. 28, 2015

Editorial: Sensational Spieth

With a defending Masters champ of this exciting caliber, April can't come quickly enough to Augusta.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Stamp out freeloaders

Fire the people who won't remove these housing thieves and throw them out on the street.
By Bill Freuler

Editorial: Where are the e-mails?

This needs clearing up. It's evident from reader comments that the public isn't buying the mayor's explanation.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Letter's argument flawed

Blacks are killed by blacks in very scary numbers. How about working on that?
By John Gasko

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