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Friday, Aug 22, 2014

Editorial: Making sense of the senseless

Maybe the only thing that makes sense anymore is a life well-lived.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

Letter: Face coverings suspicious

The image of a masked man never will be accepted by society in America.
By Ronnie Mullis

Editorial: Justice vs. A Pound of Flesh

If they want justice - the kind which African-Americans fought centuries to obtain - it's safe to say most of America is with them.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014

Editorial: Let Export-Import Bank expire

If the Ex-Im Bank never existed, there would be no reason for the government to create one today.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Speak against terrorists

If there were a separation between the "peaceful Muslims" and the terrorists, then perhaps it would be helpful to hear some kind of outcry from them against the terrorists.
By Gil Ward

Editorial: Bottom line

Even amid runaway emotion and chaos, there can be bridge-builders.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Monday, Aug 18, 2014

Column: Say 'no' to higher taxes

The mayor and commission should show some backbone, just say "no" to the property tax increase and act like grown-ups with money they did not earn.
By Bob Young

Editorial: Rolling up the red carpet

There's been a woeful lack of openness in the search to replace the outgoing Dr. Frank Roberson since Day One.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Sunday, Aug 17, 2014

Letter: Answer a few questions

Why is the commission determined to raise property taxes?
By Cone S. Underwood

Editorial: Just picture this

The next time you think about passing a stopped school bus, realize that the act may very well be caught on camera.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: You know this, but are you doing it?

After an incident such as the one in Ferguson, a little love goes a long way.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Know shot options

Georgia and South Carolina have medical and religious exemptions from vaccinating children.
By Maurine Meleck

Guest Column: Discussion on city finances must move to the next level

What certainly can detract from a positive trajectory is the uncertainty of the financial condition of Augusta-Richmond County.
By Susan E. Parr, GCCEand Larry Jones

Guest Column: Retelling the past can be harder than you think

Interpreting the data means that I apply my own life experience to James Brown's.
By Naeemah Clark, Ph.D.

Column: Successful, high-performing organizations rely on seven essentials

If you are interested in knowing what it takes to build and sustain high performance in your business, church, community or family, read on.
By Jeff Foley

Editorial: Ripe for reform

Honestly, where's the accountability?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Saturday, Aug 16, 2014


Labor pains

If our culture of industriousness, entrepreneurship and resoluteness skips many more generations, it may be lost forever. We sincerely hope this country’s leaders can right this ship.

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