Editorial: Utterly embarrassing

Romney was right about Russia three years ago. Rubio was right about Russia three weeks ago. This president may never get it right.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Solutions for guns, Syria

Living off the taxpayer's dime just because they are running from their country is not acceptable.
By Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: Distrust of police is real

A disconnect the size of the Grand Canyon lies between us.
By Tunk Martin

Letter: Stick to real business

... rather than who will get a new SUV or any other transportation to be seen in.
By Robert Ingham

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Monday, Sept. 28, 2015

Letter: Letter's argument flawed

Blacks are killed by blacks in very scary numbers. How about working on that?
By John Gasko

Editorial: More than enough to make you sick

He carelessly, casually and callously turned one of America's favorite foods into a killer.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: Common sense bombs out

To say the teen has been unfairly elevated and overcelebrated by America's oh-so-cool liberals and techies is a gross misunderstatement.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015

Letter: Carson right on Islam

Pray for divine guidance when voting for candidates.
By Roger Eden

Guest Column: To escape poverty, the world needs freedom

I hope you will agree that all of us need to work together to promote, protect and defend religious freedom, political freedom and economic freedom.
By Gerard Francis Lameiro, Ph.D.

Column: Issues that drew me into state House election already are being addressed

New representation will ensure those of us in District 123 will have a strong voice in the future.
By Bob Young

Editorial: Helping the victims

South Carolina can be proud that its most recent legislature and its first female governor have taken a giant step toward domestic violence reform.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Thanks for time capsule

We look forward to sharing the documents and history contained therein with many generations to come.
By Kevin de l’Aigle

Editorial: Walker walks

Walker appeared to possess the precise skill set and temperament this country needed.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: Doing the right thing

We wish John Boehner's successor well in reuniting the party and restoring the republic.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Friday, Sept. 25, 2015

Letter: Media need less 'P.C.'

I just wish more newspapers would follow your lead.
By Paul B. Johnson

Editorial: Berra of glad tidings

Berra is best remembered for the entertaining things he said. Or didn't say.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: No lectures necessary

Without America, and its free-market capitalism, much of the world might possibly plunge into a dystopian darkness.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015

Letter: Be proud of VA staffers

This is the type of help that you rarely hear but it happens often.
By Thomas McCauley

Letter: College's old name better

Not everyone reveres the name Augusta like many of the lifetime residents do.
By Terry Swearingen

Letter: College's new name better

Thank you, Board of Regents! My respect for you has been restored.
By Roy Wireman
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