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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Letter: Hillary Clinton is not a great candidate

It is not really surprising that Obama would think she is a great presidential candidate.
By Charles Cushman

Letter: Don't hate police; take care of yourselves

The world is full of bad people; we have to take care of ourselves.
By Sam Arrington

Editorial: 'Become part of the solution'

What good is it to march and chant and tie up traffic and not pitch in to change things?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Free the GOP delegates

The stakes have never been higher for our great country and for the GOP.
By Teri Sullivan

Letter: Time to get God back

Democrats systemically seek to remove God as the foundation of our country.
By Rick A. Bernardi Sr.

Letter: Thanks for all the help

I wish to thank all the nice people who stopped to ask if they could help when my 86-year-old mother and I broke down on Windsor Spring Road.
By Cynthia Bishop

Editorial: This kid is a smash hit

The Augusta GreenJackets haven't even moved there yet, and North Augusta has a hometown baseball hero.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Letter: Look to Bible, forgive

When was the last time you were told from behind the church pulpit that forgiveness is an ongoing process?
By the Rev. Michael Atwood

Letter: Workers were heroes

God bless these guys for being outstanding citizens and exceptional employees.
By Terry Knight

Editorial: A foul deed, indeed

Our men and women in blue have enough problems of their own without someone stacking his own problems on them.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: How can this be fair?

Is this the largest miscarriage of justice ever?
By William Zimmerman

Letter: Make sensible gun laws

His analogy of the car to make his point about gun regulation is inappropriate.
By George C. de Baca

Letter: More gun control? No!

Ah yes, the subject is gun control, and with so many liberals - especially in the press - screaming about more and more controls must be the answer.
By Thomas R. Taylor

Editorial: Jailed for doing their jobs

No one has produced one shred of evidence that either publisher Thomason or attorney Stookey has done anything wrong.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Letter: Rethink nuclear defense

"Modernizing" our nuclear defense as planned is stupid.
By Victor J. Reilly

Letter: Citizens need stadium vote

What are local officials afraid of?
By Steve Donohue

Guest Column: Parents and pupils should be ready when school begins

Here are a few suggestions to support a productive transition back to school
By Frank G, Roberson, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Fact is, Augusta is a much safer place to visit than many other U.S. cities

The truth is that Augusta is a wonderful place to call home.
By Russell Krueger

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