Editorial: Painted into a corner

This is hardly the time to "go wobbly," as Britain's Margaret Thatcher supposedly said to George H.W. Bush.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Treasure national parks

These parks of grandeur are what really makes America great!
By John M. Nixon

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Sunday, Aug 21, 2016

Guest Column: Augusta Mini Theatre thriving after 40 years

Parents in Augusta and the CSRA deserve very special thanks.
By Tyrone J. Butler

Guest Column: Outreach aims for less 'old' in Grand Old Party

My party is appealing - but only when we learn to relate to the new generation of voters.
By Madison Drummond

Editorial: Our economy at stake

We wonder if policy even matters to voters anymore.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Friday, Aug 19, 2016

Letter: We need to cut taxes

Isn't this a lack of common sense in our present government?
By George Perkins

Letter: Is this life under Trump?

America will be great again, running like a well-greased Trump casino.
By Michael Ledo

Editorial: Epic fail on an international scale

These guys shot out the spotlight that should've been on their fellow U.S. athletes.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: A teacher's difficult lesson

Smart phones have injected new ethical dilemmas.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Why vote for Hillary?

No matter how crooked and lying Hillary Clinton is, her supporters still plan to vote for her.
By James Murphy

Letter: Case doggedly unfair

Poor judgment - a doggone shame!
By Tunk Martin

Editorial: Amid floods, attention dries up

Who's guilty of flying over now?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Thursday, Aug 18, 2016

Editorial: Much-needed clarity

Gingrich is right; this was a historic speech. Now, if only it matters to the voters what our next president will actually do.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016

Letter: Too late for the 'emperor'

This really is a terrible example for children.
By Lowell Greenbaum

Letter: Civil War group thriving

I have since learned of the many meetings over the past years that I have missed, to my everlasting chagrin.
By L.P. Christman II

Editorial: Where credit is due

It is a statement of professionalism that is sorely needed today.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016

Letter: You should keep flossing

My fellow periodontists and I encourage Americans to floss on.
By Mark A. Brunner, D.D.S.

Editorial: Forsaking fault

Where is the voice in the community saying let's wait to see what happened and why?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Monday, Aug 15, 2016

Letter: Like it or not, Trump is all that stands in the way of country's destruction

In the Democrats' minds, equality means lowering the middle class status instead of raising up the poor.
By S.V. Cloke

Our economy at stake

Those just old enough to vote in their first election this November probably have no way of knowing what a real American economy looks like.
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