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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Letter: Deal backs 'ban the box'

I thank Mayor Davis for being an advocate for the "ban the box" policy and the supporting commissioners.
By Tracy E. Williams Jr.

Editorial: Limit gun buys to law-abiders

Continuing to allow known terror suspects unfettered access to legal gun purchases is insane.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Old empires shape today

As always, weakness will embolden the bullies.
By S.G. von Schweinitz

Letter: What makes greatness?

My prayer is that we will seek guidance from The Master instead of the candidate.
By Ronda Bryce

Editorial: Correcting our vision

It seems to us that radical change is called for - particularly in the key relationship between parents and schools.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Monday, June 20, 2016

Letter: GOP needs firm backbone

We are headed for only one party and a socialist state unless Republican leaders do something.
By George Perkins

Letter: How much longer, Donald?

To what end is your unbridled audacity hurling itself?
By Duncan Robertson

Letter: Samaritans still abound

This wasn't a fast-food meal he bought this family! It was a bed!
By Scott Shepherd

Editorial: The bizarre blame game

How is it that American liberals are so eager to step over radical Islam - and its hatred and killings of women, gays and more - to blame Americans and Christians?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Letter: Nation needs new platform

We need to get our country back on track, and changes need to be accomplished.
By Mike Shivley

Guest Column: Absolute power corrupts absolutely with Opportunity School District

Nothing in this entire scheme, or in Gov. Deal's history, suggests Georgians should trust him with even more power than he has now.
By Jane Robbins

Column: Trump's temperamental miscues render him unfit for the presidency

We need a steady hand at the wheel of the ship of state, and Donald Trump is not that person.
By Ed Conant

Column: Augusta Warrior Project ceaselessly assists area's homeless veterans

How can you assist this noble enterprise?
By Perry Smith

Editorial: Hatred must be fought

We simply must be prudent in securing our borders and vetting our visitors.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Letter: Attorney is outrageous

Chase Strangio's intemperate slander gives support to the suspicion that, for some, ACLU means "Anti-Christian Liberties Union."
By Dan McCall

Letter: Make our world better

We have a responsibility in repairing our world through our own tikkun olam (acts of kindness).
By Rabbi Jeshayahu “Shai” Beloosesky

Letter: Let FBI root out terror

A little inconvenience is worth the lives of fellow Americans.
By Sarah Malik

Editorial: A last chance for Paine

Paine, which dates to 1882, has become an integral part of Augusta life and remains a valuable cog in the area's diverse educational apparatus.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

When socialism collapses

Increasingly Americans are drawn not to what works, but to what makes them feel good. Have you noticed that they’re always comparing capitalism’s warts to socialism’s theories? Ask a Venezuelan: It’s hard to eat theory for lunch.
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