Editorial: Remembering golf's King

Call him the general of Arnie's Army. Call him an ideal ambassador for the game of golf. But no title better fits him, unreservedly, than the King.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Forget Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is not the candidate we have been waiting for since Ronald Reagan, but he will not steer America toward socialism
By Lawrence Devoe

Letter: Ponder our protectors

Maybe a good place to start is to share.
By Todd Friedel

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Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016

Editorial: Calmly await the facts

The narrative that police are out to get black men is an overly simplistic explanation to a maddeningly complicated set of societal ills.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

Letter: Label content properly

Many news "reports" by the Associated Press should appear on the "Opinion" page of your newspaper.
By P.W. Turner

Letter: Ballot is so depressing

Voting is my duty, but I will do it with a heavy heart.
By Molly C. Gray

Letter: Ruling encourages fraud

We must protect our electoral process at all costs despite the possibility of inconvenience.
By Jim Ball

Editorial: Finally coming to grips

Two major Western European leaders this week sounded differing alarms on the continent's out-of-control Muslim migration.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016

Letter: Encourage free expression

Freedom of speech and expression are among our most precious freedoms.
By G. Daniel McCall

Letter: One-party system coming

The Republican Party will continue its impotent whining and fade into history.
By Tedd Antonacci

Editorial: The folly of denying terrorism

We absolutely must consider this a wake-up call - and we must answer it in the Nov. 8 election.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016

Letter: Obama should butt out

I think you should expend your energies speaking out for more leadership in our own country and just let foreign countries solve their own issues.
By Robert Patrick

Editorial: More than a little Grace

In a year of turbulence and discord and strife and upheaval, and in a season of political fisticuffs, she is our saving Grace. The feel-good story of the year.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Editorial: Needed perspective

It's an interesting snapshot of racial views worldwide - and an indication that we're not such bad creatures here at home.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: We must vote Republican

This is why we should not only elect Donald Trump, but re-elect U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson to the U.S. Senate and U.S. Rep. Rick Allen to the U.S. House.
By John Apostol

Guest Column: Successful teachers are nourishing and nurturing toward their students

The teacher (the youth-builder and the future's sustainer) has been the center of admiration and respect in the eyes of children.
By Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Give dollars to make change for Augusta University

Make your donation today at augusta.edu/igive.
By Brooks A. Keel, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Did Japanese censors cause more casualties of atomic bombs?

The military regime, through a zealous censorship policy, bears significant responsibility for the horrible civilian carnage.
By William Beranek, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Contrary to critical column, school system committed to improvement

The Richmond County School System is not sitting back and providing substandard education to our parents and children.
By Helen Minchew

Editorial: Cult of personality?

It's possible that we no longer vote our pocketbooks or our self-interest, but vote for whoever makes us feel best.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016

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