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Sunday, Aug 7, 2016

Column: The 'Triple Nickel' story: Life lessons from some special fighter pilots

What a privilege and joy it was for me, an old fighter pilot, to spend three days with such an energetic, talented and patriotic group.
By Perry Smith

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guest Column: Studies show why state taxes are important in business location decisions

Lately, economists have been drawn to the incentive-reward motivatator (IRM) as the basic element in business investment spending.
By William Beranek, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Award time: Help honor CSRA's best at helping people with disabilities

Walton Options is continuing to recognize the spirit of the ADA by creating the Most Valuable Partner Community Awards.
By Tiffany Clifford

Column: Years later, I'm still optimistic about America's future

In today's world of uncertain economic conditions and ISIS violence, what nation is better?
By Ed Conant

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Guest Column: Just how poor are the poor in today's America?

How poor are the poor in America, and just how unequal are they from the so-called rich?
By Mario S. Enriquez

Guest Column: House Republicans are forging 'A Better Way' to meaningfully protect American families

I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to put our ideas to action.
By U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson

Guest Column: Taxpayers are striking out with new money-devouring Braves stadium

We all want to see the Braves win, but does the taxpayer have to strike out to make that happen?
By Michael Harden

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guest Column: Camera surveillance system would benefit downtown immensely

You can build the most beautiful building, park or attraction, but if people do not feel safe, not nearly as many people will come.
By Aaron Clements

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Guest Column: Parents and pupils should be ready when school begins

Here are a few suggestions to support a productive transition back to school
By Frank G, Roberson, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Fact is, Augusta is a much safer place to visit than many other U.S. cities

The truth is that Augusta is a wonderful place to call home.
By Russell Krueger

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Guest Column: Teachers from two states go nuclear at educational summer institute

Twenty-nine teachers and guidance counselors saw nuclear technology in action.
By Mel Buckner

Guest Column: Many questions, issues still linger over controversial stadium project

The answers to these questions should be forthcoming and available to all before this project is allowed to continue.
By Fred Ilardi

Column: One man's odyssey: Pete Way and the Augusta Warrior Project

One way to help explain how the Augusta Warrior Project works is to examine one veteran who has received assistance.
By Perry Smith

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guest Column: First, do no harm: Informed consent is crucial in the political process

Informed consent implies the most important precept in medicine and politics: First, do no harm.
By Patrick L. Lillard, M.D.

Guest Column: What we need to know to think clearly about the deadly Orlando shooting

Of far more importance to the citizen is a framework to help think about this crisis more carefully and more clearly, identifying our options and our costs.
By William Beranek, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Beyond prayer, real action is needed to curb the scourge of gun violence

We are citizens of the most powerful, richest, most generous and one of the most stable countries on Earth. We need to act like it.
By Rabbi Robert Klensin,the Rev. Dr. Gaye Ortiz,the Rev. Dr. Sid Gatesand the Rev. Jason Haddox

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guest Column: Absolute power corrupts absolutely with Opportunity School District

Nothing in this entire scheme, or in Gov. Deal's history, suggests Georgians should trust him with even more power than he has now.
By Jane Robbins

Column: Trump's temperamental miscues render him unfit for the presidency

We need a steady hand at the wheel of the ship of state, and Donald Trump is not that person.
By Ed Conant

Column: Augusta Warrior Project ceaselessly assists area's homeless veterans

How can you assist this noble enterprise?
By Perry Smith
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