Column: Cowardly Republicans failing to challenge biased special counsel team

Where is the outrage from Republicans in Washington?


Tucker Carlson recently asked the question, “Why would (Special Counsel Robert) Mueller hire such a biased team of lawyers to investigate Trump?”

That’s an easy question to answer. Democrats take the Republicans in Congress for the stupid, cowardly idiots that they are – and treat these Republicans with contempt. Why? Because they can. During the Obama administration, when Republicans subpoenaed an official to appear before them, many times the official did not even bother to show up.

These Republicans are pathetic, never fight back, and can always be found hiding under their desks when they are needed. Mueller could hire Hillary herself to investigate Trump and we would hardly hear a peep out of these cowards.

Trump supporters, call your senators and your congressmen and ask them to demand that something be done about the stacked deck that is investigating Trump.


Gregg Jarrett of Fox News said the FBI has become America’s secret police, and published the following facts about the Mueller team in an article in Politico. Print this out and confront them with the following:

1. “Lawyer Aaron Zebley is on the Mueller team. He represented Justin Cooper, who worked for Hillary Clinton and set up her private email server.”

2. “Peter Strzok served as Mueller’s top investigator. Strzok has since been exposed for his numerous texts disparaging President Trump and supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

3. “Eight of the lawyers on the special counsel staff are Democratic donors. Five of them gave money to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Some have connections to Clinton’s associates and the Clinton Foundation.”

4, “Andrew Weissmann – one of the top prosecutors working for Mueller on the Russia investigation – has clear anti-Trump sentiments (he attended Hillary’s election night victory party). His bias was revealed this week in the form of an email obtained by Judicial Watch.”


5. “Mueller also brought to his team another partisan, Jeannie Rhee, who was a partner with Mueller at the law firm WilmerHale. Rhee’s job is to decide whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey. This hiring of Rhee is especially brazen, since she defended Hillary Clinton’s foundation in a civil racketeering case and donated $5,400 to Clinton’s campaign. Rhee worked for a time under FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife pocketed roughly $675,000 in campaign money from political groups aligned with Clinton – at the same time McCabe was investigating Clinton in her email scandal.”

6. “Mueller’s Own Bias: First, Mueller had the audacity to accept his current position one day after being interviewed by President Trump for the job of replacing fired FBI Director James Comey. During the interview, Mueller never told Trump that he was considering investigating the very man who was sitting across from him posing questions. This was deceptive and dishonest. Ask yourself: Is it fair or ethical for a person who was passed over for a job to suddenly reverse course to investigate the man who declined to give him the job?


“Second, Mueller’s longtime close relationship to Comey, who is obviously a pivotal witness in any potential obstruction of justice case, presents yet another blatant conflict of interest. This conflict was so obvious and acute that Mueller should have refused to accept the appointment as special counsel the next day when it was offered to him by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. …

“The special counsel statute requires Mueller to recuse himself if he has ‘a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.’ The statute then defines the term ‘personal relationship’ as a ‘friendship … normally viewed as likely to induce partiality’. (28 CFR 45.2).”

7. Lastly, James Rosen of Fox News reported that Bruce Ohr, who was Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department, met during the 2016 campaign with the author of the fake dossier the FBI used on Trump. This is the same Dossier that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign paid for.

If that were not enough, Mr. Ohr’s wife worked for FusionGPS, which was responsible for creating the fake dossier against Trump. Mr. Ohr is still at the Department of Justice.

The writer, who identifies himself as a “Congressional Supervisor,” lives in Woodstock, Ga.



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