Column: How can a nation ordained by God turn its back on Him?

Ariel Schalit/Associated Press Christian actors portray Joseph and Mary during a re-enactment of a Nativity scene of the journey to Bethlehem as part of Christmas festivities at the Nazareth Village, northern Israel, on Dec. 21.

I don’t think it’s my imagination, but it seems there has been an acceleration by those on the liberal side of the political fence in talking down the importance of God in America’s life.


I suppose it would be too much to ask them to accept a homework assignment and read the Bible.

The Bible is thousands of years old and yet it’s quite accurate. Throughout the Old Testament there are numerous stories of how the Jewish people turned their back on God. He, in turn, allowed it to happen and they suffered the consequences of their choices.

While reading the Bible, keep in mind those “choices” lasted hundreds of years, yet the time required to read the history takes you a couple of hours – not unlike a good novel.

You will also note the Jewish people returned to God, always having been guided by a Prophet. Returning to God resulted in their lives being greatly improved, as well as their increased security. God isn’t slow to act; He simply waits on you.

I state all this because I feel America, on the whole, has turned her back on God, and as with the Jewish people, this didn’t happen overnight. Take a look around; the results of our choices are beyond obvious.


Speaking of homework, may I suggest you tackle The Revelation to John. A bit confusing, I admit, but it tells you all you need to know as to what is going to take place – it just doesn’t tell you when. If you study it you will understand that turning your back on God is not a good thing.

America is God’s own design. No other nation has enjoyed the freedom and growth America has experienced. The colonies had to defeat the most powerful nation on Earth; they had to agree on how to go forward; there was great suspicion among all of the colonies; and they didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Yet, America grew from sea to shining sea.

How could any of this have come about without God’s intervention? Each colony had its own agenda and the Founding Fathers were at great odds. However, there were two common threads which greatly helped sew everything together: God is the Sovereign Power and man has a God-given right to be free!

Only the Lord could bring so very many different personalities together at the right place and the right time and accomplish what was accomplished. Without God it simply does not happen.


Keep in mind many nations have come and gone, but none were founded on its citizens right to be free, worship as they pleased, and being the governing body – not a king, not a dictator, not a military strongman.

America has never been perfect and certainly has had its mistakes – some too large to dismiss. But America, unlike so many other countries, has strived to correct its errors. Unfortunately, some have taken longer to correct than others. Take slavery – indeed a terrible time in our history. It cost hundreds of thousands of lives, yet slavery was abolished. We have made other “corrections” and America is better for them.

Then we come to the 1960s, and a push to remove God from America – beginning with the public schools. To date, that fight continues. Our consequences: our allies questioning our intentions; our diminishing wealth; our poverty; the massive increase of unwed mothers and fatherless families; increased drug addition and gang violence; senseless mass killings, and the list goes on and on.

Since America began turning her back on God we have slowly but surely been in a serious decline.


Back to the Bible: The Old Testament foretold thousands of years earlier of the coming of Christ. It took place just as it was told. The New Testament fulfilled those stories.

The truth is simple: by turning our back on God we are now paying the price. If America doesn’t find a clear path back to God I feel the demise we are witnessing will continue at an even faster pace.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to spend your life denying God, die and then realize you were wrong, or would you rather spend your life with God as your center, die and find out you are wrong? Personally if the latter comes about you have lost nothing; however, if the first example happens, then you have lost all.

If you are smart enough to breathe, you are smart enough to think for yourself. My suggestion has you losing nothing and gaining everything.

Stand up and fight for America. In order for her to return to her former greatness, America has to return to God.

So very many seem to hate President Trump, and he may not be the best president ever elected. But he brought with him a driving force that reminded all Americans we can pull ourselves up by our own boot straps; we have done it before, we can do it again. Make America great again is something you did not hear much prior to President Trump. It is refreshing when someone stands up for America, and America’s return to greatness.


Throughout the Bible the Lord chose characters of little prior importance and background to be the one who had a huge impact on His people; he sent them when they were needed. President Trump just might be that guy. Give him a chance. If he succeeds, wonderful, but if he doesn’t – well, there is always another election coming up.

Our return to greatness coincides with America’s return to God.

We should all pray for God to allow us to return to Him. He didn’t leave us; we left him.

It’s not a very difficult decision.

When this subject is discussed with friends, I am asked what I feel our greatest fear should be. I simply answer, that Gabriel is in God’s storage locker and he is looking for the trumpet.

The writer is a local insurance agent, a former county commissioner and lifelong resident of Augusta.



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