Democrat playbook: Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty

Someone once said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”


Well, I have never observed such pathetic, vitriolic, power-obsessed behavior and antics as those displayed by the American media and Democrats. Both entities are beyond deplorable.

For months we have been told of Russian interference in our election – yet no proof and, most noteworthy, this happened under Barack Obama’s reign and he did nothing and took no actions against those who allegedly rigged our elections.

But, CNN, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others did rig our election, and that has been proven. Are the Democrats and the media throwing tantrums in demanding hearings for things that actually happened?

Further, only the Clintons had dealings with Russia via high-priced speaking engagements and uranium sales. Someone else once said, “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”


Democrats and their media surrogates keep citing “unnamed sources’” outlandish claims, but disgraced former FBI Director Jim Comey admitted to leaking information.

Facts certainly can put a monkey wrench into the whole false-narrative, brainwashing agenda which, let’s be honest, is the only way in which Democrats can get and retain majority status. That’s what they want. It never was about we the people.

Speaking of Mr. Comey, he took notes after meetings with Donald Trump because he felt that Trump may lie? But he took no notes of a three-hour Q&A with Hillary Clinton, nor did he place her under oath? Wow.

And let’s not forget Comey’s lie (perjury) about some tweet as reason for admittedly leaking memos to The (failing) New York Times. Um, Director, the paper quoted the memos the day before the tweet. In the words of Rep. Joe Wilson, “You lie!”

Speaking of Mr. Wilson, didn’t Democrats and the media go ballistic after his famous and truthful “you lie” comment? Didn’t they say it was disrespectful, and of course, racist? Yet they say much worse about Barron Trump, the 11-year-old son of Donald and Melania Trump.

So much for all the talk of tolerance, “coexist” and “stronger together.”

Then we have left-wing actors and attention-seeking has-beens spewing venom and depicting heinous actions toward and against Donald Trump and the Trump family (after Democrats paid youths to incite violence at Trump rallies). And they call conservatives violent?


Let us not forget children’s book authors Kathy Griffin’s and Ken Jennings’ sick comments about a child, Barron Trump. In December of 2016 Griffin said that Barron will be “the main target during his father’s presidency.” This is what the media deem normal, First Amendment, healthy debate – but Joe Wilson? Oh no, no, no.

Do I need to mention a certain play in New York and a killing that is depicted? Art? Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.

And now we have another deranged Democrat activist committing a mass shooting – a rabid anti-Trump person full of hate that targeted Republicans.

We need to ban Democrats. Why? Because if a flag caused a kid to shoot people in a church in South Carolina, then according to the Democratic Party’s logic, Democrats caused the Alexandria, Va., shooting, and the Gabby Giffords shooting, and others.


In response to the shooting, Democrat Virginia governor and longtime Clinton surrogate Terry McAuliffe made a fool of himself by responding to the hate crime by grandstanding for the cameras and saying, “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

Really? So, in four days, every American will be lost? So, like, will the final two shoot each other?

Yeah, that’s it, another gun control law for criminals to not follow.

Hillary lost. Deal with it. You can’t, so, you try to destroy the country. You blame Russia and have hearing after hearing on Russian hacking. Hey, Democrats, do you intend to ask questions on the topic, or do you insist on sensational claims, red herrings and false narratives?

As for the first quote above about telling a lie enough: Adolf Hitler said that. As for the quote about accusing the other side? Yeah, that one was spoken by Hitler’s PR guy, Joseph Goebbels.

Like it or not, that’s the Democratic Party and what passes for the media, and their members no longer hide it but double down on the foolishness to satisfy their egos and quest for control and power.


The writer is an author, educator and frequent candidate for office. He lives in Martinez.

Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
Let's face it: There are no standards so low the Democrats can't limbo under.
Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
I am going to give some names of people and organizations that have influenced and led the revolution of the left taking over the Democratic Party.  It is not a recent event but a long evolution.

For those who want to really  know check out the following:

Karl Marx
Valdimir Lenin
Antonio Gramsci
The Frankfurt School 
Herbert Marcuse
Saul Alinsky
Institute for Policy Studies
Apollo Alliance

Acolytes such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the current and recent leaders and congressional members of the Democratic Party are the product of this long line of leftists. 
chas cushman 7 days ago
The dumocrats are following the playbook of the old pervert Saul Alinsky. The old pervert, who liked little black boys, told the Marxists, communists and perverts, "drop your radical pose, cut your hair and put on a tie. Now the Marxists, communists and perverts are running the dumocrat party, most of the media and most of our colleges and the dumocrat sheeple are too stupid to know it.
Val White 7 days ago

Once again, Mr. Benedict has nailed it.

The MSM fails to report the violence the left commits, but continues to insinuate the conservatives are responsible for all of it.  The MSM deftly sidesteps reporting any details of any violence the right has committed because they have no details or evidence.

Our education system has become a place where children are TOLD what to think, what to feel and how to react.  They are no longer taught to question why or encouraged to research opposing views.

It's a shame the democrat voters cannot stop listening to rhetoric and take an unbiased, realistic view at what their party has become.

They have become the Pied Piper's blind mice.

Nancy Albert 7 days ago
Great letter Lee, but one thing that goes unmentioned is how Hillary  marshaled the funds and donations of major tech companies to help Russia establish a 'silicon valley' military/technological center called Skolkovo. We are talking $B's here. She crowed that she believed in the free exchange of people and ideas. Bill got $500K for two speeches in Russia. Together, they made from $44 to $48 million while she was SOS. Not to mention the CGI crony slush fund.

Democrats are now suing Trump over the emoluments clause! In 1987, he stated he had made too much money to ever spend... he just loves 'the art of the deal'. So he can be bought but not the craven "broke" Clintons.

By giving cyber technology to our recently undead enemies, she hoisted herself on her own petard! She, the DNC and MSM can't even deny what was revealed by Wikileaks. As in Oz, we should pay no attention to what's behind the curtain.

CRT 7 days ago
Let's face it: There are no standards so low conservatives can't limbo under. They will cry foul for every single thing a "liberal" does or does not, but they will condone and even applaud every single gaffe, irresponsible behavior and crooked action that Mr. Trump takes.  Simply disgusting double standard.
Lee Benedict 6 days ago
What is not true? 
What "crooked action" of Donald Trump?  The media makes up stuff about him, so, if he engaged in crooked activity, it would be 24/7 news.
Facts, please.
CRT 7 days ago
Another poorly written article by Mr. Lee Benedict. As it happens with all his  'opinions' they are full of vitriol, impervious to facts and empty of sense.
David Jefferson 6 days ago
look...another hater and opinionophobe.
Lee Benedict 6 days ago
What cited as fact is not true?
What comment/statement/question is empty of fact?
Val White 6 days ago
Would you care to tell us which "facts" are not correct?  When information is true and provable, it's NOT vitriol.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
CRT....put up or shut up.
Roland SASSER 6 days ago

Very FACTUAL letter Lee! Talk about Russian collusion, the Clinton are up to their noses in it and the news media and the Democrats turn a blind eye. These are not some unnamed sources concerning the Clintons, these are FACTS!


      "they will condone and even applaud every single gaffe, irresponsible behavior and crooked action that Mr. Trump takes."

Don't throw out a broad statement without proven FACTUAL data. Trump is bombastic, a blowhard, a showman, and especially a nonpolitician which is probably why he was elected, but Hillary has more baggage than a cruise ship! Please tell us all what action Trump has taken that he does not have the authority to take as President.

Lee Benedict 6 days ago
That is all Democratic leftists can do, make sensationalized claims then run away.  It's kinda like the second grader in a sandbox spouting a temper tantrum then kicking sand then calling the other kids "poo-poo face" then running home to cower knowing that they have nothing.  Common sense dictates that you just let it go when you have nothing to back up your rants.
These things are true, only in the mindset of bullies and ALt-Righters. I wonder why the term "frequent candidate" is put in your byline..maybe 'cause you're not credible? Where are the comments of support for the Muslims who were victims of a Right Wing Terrorist? Of course, to you, they deserved it. To God...NO ONE does. There will come a day when this country is rid of those who hate. The Red Faced Clown incited violence at his rallies, he asked Russia to hack Hillary, and it happened, he's obstructed justice and he will end up with a worse off than Bill Clinton ever will be. I hope he and every one of his supporters ends up in the condition of those they hate so much, the good HONEST people of this country.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
What specifically in the letter is not true? In your post I see one untruth quite glaringly.  "he asked Russia to hack Hillary."  Can you back that up AT ALL?  No....because it is a bald faced lie.

Another one...."he obstructed justice."  Comey said he didn't....where's your evidence that he did?  Do you have ANYTHING other than your lies and baseless accusations?
Val White 6 days ago
The left's problem is they listen to the talking heads on the MSM say Trump is irresponsible and crooked, but the left haven't got the sense to realize that these accusations are never backed up with actual evidence.  So they resort to only repeating the rhetoric.
Your problem is you listen to idiots like Hannity, Limberger and anyone else who has a problem keeping his thing in his pants, or staying off drugs. I'm sure you are a flat earther too.
Bill Pinot 6 days ago
And you listen to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who both should be in straight jackets!!
Schumer and Pelosi have something that the Clown doesn't have...they have peace and freedom from HAVING THEIR WHOLE ADMINISTRATION UNDER INVESTIGATION!!
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
You didn't seem to mind having your Presidential candidate under investigation.
She was exonerated, ha    ha. The Clown won't be.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
How was she exonerated?
Gowdy admits to several laws that she broke.

Trump hasn't even been under investigation, yet you are sure he's guilty of just can't say what.
Jerry Whitcomb 6 days ago
We always like to say the Democrats continue to lose because they don't have a plan.. Saul Alinsky is there plan. 

Unfortunately most of their constituents who are following the plan are too stupid to know where it came from and what's their ultimate goal. 
Roland SASSER 6 days ago

I see Mr. HATE (aka Priessman) has joined the conversation.

Bill Clinton made a fine art out of: a person "who has a problem keeping his thing in his pants".

"the good HONEST people of this country." elected Trump as President. Haters like you can't get past it!

"Where are the comments of support for the Muslims who were victims of a Right Wing Terrorist"? Where is the outrage against all the Muslim attacks against those who aren't Muslims? There have been hundreds if not more attacks by radical Islamic Muslims for every one attack against them.

"There will come a day when this country is rid of those who hate." Delta is ready when you are!

"incited violence at his rallies, he asked Russia to hack Hillary" Trump did not incite hacking Hillary's e-mails. Her e-mails by whatever source had already exposed the fact that the DNC hired professional agitators to stir up trouble at Trump rallies.

The Russians elected the Clown. You are just their dupe. Feel good to be taken advantage of so easily?
David Jefferson 6 days ago
Your sir, are at least one fry short of a non-Michelle approved Happy Meal.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
Explain how Russians elected Trump?  You look idiotic when you keep repeating that absurdity.  So why don't you explain how they elected him?
It's proven Russians interfered on behalf of the Clown. That idiot never should have a leadership position in a civilized world. No intelligent person would have voted for him, wait, NO intelligent person DID vote for him, without the interference. You are duped by the Ruskies. BRILLIANT!
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
"It's proven Russians interfered on behalf of the Clown."

No it hasn't been.  That is another bald faced lie.  Can you tell us what they did that influenced the election?  Be specific.
S.G. Tahan 6 days ago
Sorry Angie, you're wrong. The Ruskies did interfere on behalf of the clown. She got more popular votes than Trump.  They just forgot to tell them that's not how the Pres is elected.
Angie Hicks 5 days ago
Tahan.....What did they do to interfere?  
David Jefferson 6 days ago
"It's proven Russians interfered on behalf of the Clown." Please provide a link, a reference or other documentation for this statement. I'll wait, but I won't be holding my breath.
Angie Hicks 6 days ago
You better not hold your breath.  He has NOTHING.  Never has, never will.
chas cushman 6 days ago
If the Russian got Trump elected we need to send them a thank you card. I trust the Russian a lot more than I trust the dumocrats. Ole Trump is a hella lot better than the lying, America hating, race baiting piece of camel dung who threw our police officers under bus. We don't know if the Russians helped Trump but we do know that Russians paid the Clintons $2.35M for 20% of the USA's uranium and old 'Sick' Willie got another $.5M for giving a 30 min speech to the Russians.
Gary McNeal 6 days ago
I see AA has fallen on his knees to bow down to the old washed up hag. She commanded them to RESIST. This is the only thing they can come up with. There's nothing left for them. The only person they could find to be a voice for their party, if you call it one, is a foul mouthed loser. There is none in sight to take the reins to lead the party. But hey, their voters have left them. Trump will grow tired of winning after 8 more years.

Desperate people do desperate things. They are very confused right now. Their words will seem to show what kind of shape they're in.
I see you have fallen on your knees to worship adultery, graft, sexual assault and racism. I think I'm in better standing, thank you very much.
Of course, the Clown wasn't recorded saying he could "grab them by their (blanks)" and he didn't confess to trying to commit adultery on his then pregnant wife, "I tried to (blank)her like a (blank)". Here are the transcripts, so that when HumbleAngela bleats "when did he ever say that?" it's there.                                                
Gary McNeal 6 days ago
Yea AA, everyone in the nation was bombarded with that for days on end and he was still elected POTUS over the prospect of the old hag and the democrats taking over where obama left off of turning the country into a socialist, communist country. You do know most of the CBC is communist don't you?

" I think I'm in better standing"

You know AA, words mean things. That word THINK. I would suggest you might need to brush up on your thinking skills, because i have yet to see anything you've been right on yet.

You do know the NY Times and the DC Post are proven liars, yet you still want to use their information to refute your claims. SAD!!!

William O. Darby 5 days ago
Gary - Even the NY Times published an article today illustrating that they themselves may have pushed the envelope just a bit too much.

"There may be a giant revelation still to come. But as the Trump-Russia story has evolved, it is striking how little evidence there is that any underlying crime occurred — that there was any actual collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians. Everything seems to be leaking out of this administration, but so far the leaks about actual collusion are meager."

Things must really be looking bad for the New York Times to be laying the groundwork for a retreat.

William O. Darby 5 days ago
Right AA, he should be impeached and nobody should have voted for him because YOU say so. 

I keep forgetting how much weight you think your insignificant opinion carries.

And to borrow your favorite phrase,

................"And that PROVES it".  

Roland SASSER 6 days ago

Mr. Hate,

            Dupes and clowns voted for Hillary. " taken advantage of so easily" with all the FACTUAL DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE and you stupid people still voted for Hillary? Oh yea, where's the evidence on Trump, WE'RE WAITING!

Roland SASSER 6 days ago


      All I can say is your letter definitely stirred the pot, good show!

" I wonder why the term "frequent candidate" is put in your byline..maybe 'cause you're not credible? " We can all say the same thing about Hillary Mr. Hate! BTW, time to take your meds before your hate head explodes!

William O. Darby 5 days ago

Jayce James – 17  June 2017

In the next 36-48 hours, a big story regarding Trump/Russia will hit the news.

Check the date, JJ...  we're still waiting for your BIG story.


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