With opposition groups in lockstep, Trump is only one fighting for us

Our presidential election was six months ago. Yet Hillary Clinton is still complaining about FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks and, if it were not for them, she “would be your president” today. Marching to Clinton’s beat, congressional Democrats are still grilling Comey, who explained his actions very well and in detail. Mrs. Clinton, what difference, at this point, does it make?


You liberals are going to keep on playing this record until 2020 (or 2018, should you be soundly thrashed next year) and continue to push away supporters. I find it humorous, to be honest. Six months after the election, and these legislators are still harping on Comey and Wikileaks. They never questioned the truthfulness of the information released to the public but are angry with the truth. For as much as these chronic whiners gripe about Donald Trump’s tax returns (not) being released to the world, they certainly have a problem with facts being shared with the public about Clinton’s criminal activity.

Fact: Comey and Wikileaks would have nothing to say or share if it were not for criminal acts knowingly committed by the arrogant and entitled Clinton and her machine, and a party apparatus that rigged the primary to be awarded to her.

Trump released a personal financial disclosure, visible online so Earth’s 8 billion or so people can see details all of his financial interests. The media and the Democrats – big difference – do not want us to see his disclosures. No. They want Trump to release tax returns. Each return is literally thousands of pages, and the media will pick one or two pages and give them their own meaning and interpretation to mislead the public. Who thinks that a reporter will scour thousands of pages of one year’s tax return, interpret it, understand it, then report accurately?

Trump is all we have fighting for us, as congressional Republicans have joined forces with Democrats to stop him.

Remember all of those repeal-and-replace Obamacare bills passed then sent to Obama’s desk that he vetoed? Remember Republicans coming home to brag about it but blaming Obama for vetoing them? Well, why not dust off one and send it to Trump’s desk for a signature?

U.S. Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia has spoken from the House floor several times about how Obamacare exempts insurance companies from antitrust laws. Wow! Yet, for some reason or reasons, House Republicans refuse to submit to Trump one of the bills sent to Obama. There’s not a dime’s difference between congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans – period.

Remember Republican candidates campaigning and promising to not vote for John Boehner for speaker of the House, and then for Paul Ryan for speaker? Remember those Republicans lying before they even took office by voting for Boehner or Ryan? Our very own U.S. Rep. Jody Hice is one of them. If a pastor lies to us …

And then we have U.S. Sen, Johnny Isakson. He voted eight times to raise the debt ceiling a total of $7.1 trillion, yet calls himself “conservative.” His Heritage Action Scorecard and his Conservative Review Liberty Score, when added together not long ago, did not reach 100. In short, he’s liberal.

He voted for No Child Left Behind while in the House. He voted for an internet sales tax yet campaigned that he opposed every tax increase. He voted for the National Defense Authorization Act. He has long supported amnesty and an open border. He has voted for gun control measures and voted for a national database of registered – i.e., lawful – gun owners. I think that some European country did that 80 or so years ago.

Isakson is chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. For years the VA has been embroiled in one scandal after another, yet Isakson seems to have been woefully ineffective. He voted to confirm Eric Holder as attorney general. He voted to confirm Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. I’ll stop here, but truth be told, any Democrat from Georgia probably would have a similar or better record.


With the media, Democrats, militant leftist groups and 90 percent of congressional (ahem) “Republicans” in lockstep against Trump, it is up to us to support him with fervor so long as he continues to fight for all of us. He is all we have on Earth working for us.

In 2016, Trump was the only Republican to receive my vote. From what I have seen so far, he is the only one who will receive it ever again. GOP: The time has long passed to put up or shut up.


The writer is an educator in Richmond County, a frequent political candidate and an author.



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