Democrats, move on or move out in November 2018

Just when I thought the Democratic Party had hit rock-bottom so it could pick itself up and get to work, it went lower.


We know that FBI Director James Comey told Obama administration officials, or Obama himself, in July 2016 that Russia may be trying to hack or influence the election, but was silenced.

We know that Hillary Clinton committed several crimes by creating an illegal and unsecure server in her mansion that was exposed to hackers throughout the world. Further, she maintained that 17 intelligence agencies claimed that Russia was interfering in the election. If indeed it were true, why did Barack Obama do nothing in defense of America?

We know that in 2012 Barack Obama told then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” after that year’s election.

Speaking of the 2012 election, Obama’s Republican opponent stated during a debate that Russia is America’s biggest geopolitical foe. Barack Obama’s response? “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.”


Speaking of debates and lies, didn’t Hillary Clinton, and only Hillary Clinton, receive debate questions in advance?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were, for months, stating that Donald Trump is a puppet of Russia. Who sold uranium to Russia? Who hit a reset button? Who made a reference to 1980s policies? Who received more than $200 million in campaign cash from Islamic nations?

For months, the media were declaring that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president. Look, she barely won a rigged, fixed primary against someone who wasn’t even a Democrat. She had all of the support she was going to get.

We were spared a Hillary Clinton presidency, and the media were literally crying, while congressional Democrats vowed to oppose and resist everything Donald Trump. Leftists, liberals, progressives, whatever they call themselves, took to the streets and abandoned the “Love Trumps Hate” signs for crime sprees that lasted for days, weeks and months.

After reality set in, Democrats claimed that Russia rigged the election for Trump. No proof, just allegations, their usual nonsense.


Fast forward to the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch and the infantile petulance that followed. Democrats were/are upset because Barack Obama’s nominee was not given a hearing. Then-Sen. Joe Biden came up with that little way of thinking.

During Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, Democrats whined that he “wouldn’t answer our questions.” Judicial canons state that he cannot speak on how he may or may not rule on future litigation. Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the same thing, and Democrats applauded, and, it became known as the “Ginsburg Standard.”

Meanwhile, the new Democratic Party chairman went on a hateful diatribe about Trump and Republicans. Most “news” outlets refused to run the tape.

Speaking of the media, we now have evidence of Evelyn Farkas’ and Susan Rice’s crimes and lies (in addition to Benghazi) that many media outlets refuse to speak of because, in their own words, it is racist and sexist and a diversion from investigating Trump, hoping that something incriminating will be found. The Obama administration had spied on Trump for a year and found nothing.

Move on, criminals. When things really start to improve and people get back to work and their dollar buys more, the people will remember who opposed everything and then thank them in November 2018.


The writer is an educator in Richmond County, a frequent political candidate and an author.



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