United Way helps uplift those who are struggling

Twenty-two years ago I was offered an opportunity to take on a management position with WJBF-TV in Augusta. This was a very exciting time for my wife and two small children – a new city, a new job and all the challenges that come with a new beginning.


It was so exciting to be in this historic city, rich with traditions. The big one, of course, is televised for the world to see. But there’s another tradition here that is as reliable as great golf every April, and that’s the people of this great city coming together in times of crisis.

I often think about how fortunate and blessed I am to have my family and my career here in this beautiful city. But I’m also very aware of those who aren’t as fortunate and see every day as a struggle.

There is an incredible compassion and giving spirit among the people of Augusta.

I have watched this community unite so many times when there is a need. I have been inspired by the way companies, from small mom-and-pop shops to big corporations, pull together and volunteer their time to raise funds for much-needed services. I see individuals not only donate money but give generously of their time to serve.

This is a tradition and commitment that we should all be proud of: uniting to provide for those in need is something that should make us hear James Brown sing, “I feel good!”

We are in that time of need now. The United Way of The CSRA is about to wrap up the fundraising campaign, and we still have a lot of work to do over the few remaining weeks.

United Way serves 46 programs through 24 partner agencies, and it takes support from all of us to keep these programs thriving. Your generosity creates an impact that can dramatically transform lives in our community.

Your funds provide many services including job readiness training; educational services; health and community-related services; special initiatives; and the 2-1-1 information and referral service.

Your donations lift up those who are down and struggling. Your dollars are more than just an investment in our community; they are an investment in the lives of men, women and children of all ages who need help.

We do have a responsibility to be good stewards of our community’s resources.

United Way provides that much-needed consistent support to our local agencies, made possible by you and your generous donations.

We help those struggling to simply get through the day. We provide guidance for at-risk kids; shelter and support for victims of abuse; assistance for homeless families; and resources for disaster relief in times of crisis.

We are a city strong in tradition, compassion and heart. Let’s step up and finish this campaign strong and Live United!

To make a donation, please step up when it’s time to help those who are in difficult situations, struggling to simply get through the day; guidance for at-risk kids,; shelter and support for disaster relief; victims of abuse; and homeless families who need assistance.

Contact United Way at (706) 724-5544; give online at www.uwcsra.org; or mail a check to 1765 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30904.

Thanks for giving to make a difference in someone’s life.

(The writer is the campaign co-chairman of the United Way of the CSRA.)



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