Comparison shows Trump's superiority over media-protected Clinton



I thought the media harbored bias in favor of Democratic candidates. That has been confirmed, and the media no longer hide it. The confirmation is the coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Clinton has been in the public’s eye for 30 years, give or take. What has she accomplished?


PRIOR TO HERS being a household name, she was an attorney on the Watergate investigation, but was fired for unethical conduct. How immoral, bankrupt of integrity or cavalier must one be to have a group of liberal, Democratic lawyers come out during the heyday of the women’s liberation movement and basically state, “Hey, she’s just too unethical for us”?

She accomplished nothing of substance as first lady.

She accomplished nothing of substance as a U.S. senator “from” New York.

Her secretary of state gig proved cataclysmic for nations and innocent lives. The human toll of her illegal, unlawful private e-mail server will not be known for many years (if at all) as American allies die because of her crimes. Recall the Iranian scientist hung until dead recently, who was exposed in e-mails sent from her illegal, unsecured private server.

Plus, her cybercrime opens doors wide for blackmail if, God forbid, she takes the oath of office.

The Clinton Foundation is little more than an organized crime syndicate designed to enrich the Clintons by selling favors and influence in exchange for cash and campaign support.

To those who claim her to be “qualified” and/or “prepared,” how so? She held positions. And?

Also, before you ooh and ah over her cracking a glass ceiling, remember: The Democratic National Committee tapped on that for her before her candidacy. Numerous viable, palatable candidates did not run because Clinton was running. E-mails prove that the Democratic primary process was a fixed fight on par with the 1919 World Series. She was in a fight to the bitter end with a candidate who wasn’t even a real Democrat, but someone elected to Congress as an independent who was brazenly socialist.

Compare Clinton’s race to this: Say I “defeated” Usain Bolt in the 100-meter dash. So what if I was wind-aided to the tune of 20 meters per second, and Bolt competed in ski boots while wearing a 65-pound rucksack? I won.

Clinton is not liked in her own party. She defeated three opponents. Donald Trump defeated 16.


REGARDING HER truthfulness and the media’s coddling: FBI Director James Comey stated after his agency’s investigation that she was not truthful, and said so many times. Yet she and others appear on television to tell us that the FBI director said she was truthful.

Trump has been chided by the media as having eaten KFC with a knife and fork. Really? Oh, and he kicked an 18-month-old baby out of a rally. That spin was so bad that the child’s mother went public to scorn the media for lying. Anyone with one firing synapse who saw that exchange knows that Trump lauded the baby, then joked with the family. However, the joke of a press corps created a scandal, and continued to lie and push false narratives – all in yet another effort to help an unhealthy, unstable Hillary Clinton. Worse, they trust that the masses believe them.

The DNC speech by a deceased soldier’s father with financial ties to the Clintons continues to draw media adoration (but the Republican National Committee was chastised for having, as convention speakers, family members of people killed in Benghazi, Libya, because Clinton and Obama refused to send help). The man’s son died in a war supported by Clinton and opposed by Trump – but he condemns Trump?

Say what you want about Trump, but he employs thousands of Americans and has generated billions of tax dollars. In 1997 he sued Palm Beach, Fla.’s town council because blacks and Jews were not allowed to become members of his exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort club. The Trump organization has more female executives than male executives. Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York has a woman as a general manager, Suzie Mills. So? Of all of the five-star establishments in America, three have a female GM, and Mills manages a double five-star establishment!


IS TRUMP PERFECT or the ideal candidate? No one is. But he knows world business and leaders. He has a 40-year record of success. He took a $1 million loan and turned it into several billion. Clinton, on the other hand, said “I do” and stayed with and tolerated a sexist adulterer and disbarred chauvinist so she could, I believe, one day become president.

The media are trying their best to help elect a despicable, corrupt egomaniac. I will side with the candidate determined to return all Americans to prosperity in a safe, secure country that is respected the world over. His ego and life’s record indicate that it will be done with our vote.


(The writer is a teacher and frequent candidate for public office. He lives in Martinez.)



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