House Republicans are forging 'A Better Way' to meaningfully protect American families

House Speaker Paul Ryan (right) took questions from reporters July 12 after the Republican caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. He is joined at left by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), chairwoman of the Republican Conference. Ryan answered questions about House Republicans' "A Better Way" legislative agenda.



There is no question –
eight years of failed liberal policies have left our country with a stagnant economy; a broken health care system; a burdensome tax structure; threats by enemies at home and overseas; and a president who openly oversteps his constitutional powers.

We need a better way.

I am grateful conservatives are proposing positive plans for creating jobs, reducing regulations, and fighting poverty – addressing an overreaching executive office that concentrates power. I believe that, as members of Congress, we are successful at demonstrating the values of our conservative principles when speaking with our respective constituents.


HOWEVER, AT A national level, many focus on what Republicans are against – not what we are for.

Working with constituents from across the country, House Republicans are advancing a bold policy agenda that presents meaningful solutions for restoring a confident America through “A Better Way” by presenting solutions to address poverty; grow our economy and create jobs; defend the Constitution; improve health care; and reform our tax code.

To learn more about these plans, I encourage you to visit I’m grateful to House Speaker Paul Ryan for his work to project goals worthy of our great nation by articulating “A Better Way” to enhance and defend American families.

“A Better Way” also presents a strategy for a confident America – one that keeps American families safe in a dangerous world. Recent terror attacks at home and overseas confirm what House Republicans have articulated for years – our current foreign policy is failing.

After a failure to enforce the “red line” in Syria, the lack of a status of forces agreement with Iraq and a dangerous Iran nuclear deal, we’ve lost the confidence of our allies and emboldened our enemies. To promote peace through strength to protect American families, we need a real plan – one that protects the homeland, eradicates terrorism, tackles new threats and defends freedom across the globe.


AS CHAIRMAN OF the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, I am especially grateful that “A Better Way” emphasizes the importance of combating new threats, such as cyberattacks, and the necessity of building a modern military that prioritizes readiness and is fully resourced. In the global war on terrorism, terrorist safe havens abroad must be eliminated, or there will be further attacks at home on American families.

We always should remember Sept. 11.

Our plan protects American families by identifying that we are in a war against radical Islamic terrorists. “A Better Way” uses every resource to protect American families – from strengthening our immigration enforcement to ending the reckless policy of cutting defense spending. We present tangible solutions to fighting terrorism by addressing home-grown radicalization and attacking the ideology that fuels Islamist terror.


WE IDENTIFY STRATEGIES for showing our allies, including Israel, that they have our support by ending the dangerous Iran deal and by imposing strict sanctions on the regime that has threatened Israel by developing intercontinental ballistic missiles. We stand firm against rogue states that finance or support terrorism, and seek to restore America’s influence as a global leader on the global stage.

Each element of “A Better Way” presents real solutions for the biggest problems facing our nation, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to put our ideas to action and pass legislation that protects American families.


(The writer represents South Carolina’s District 2 in the U.S. House of Representatives.)



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