Government's decay hurting all citizens

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If Congress does not greatly reduce the level of authority, size and overall scope of the Internal Revenue Service – particularly considering the current revelations of intimidation or bullying tactics – then this will confirm a growing belief that the IRS is nothing less than a strong-arm segment of the government and has employed Gestapo-type tactics on citizens while government officials simply turn a blind eye.

On the local front – the actual core of my column – is that our community is evolving more and more and more into a political cesspool, and special-interest groups are having their way. Several people have come forward with their intention to run for mayor, and have every right to do so. I would ask any of these candidates to state clearly what he or she would do regarding the
racial divide among our commissioners.

Why haven’t they helped facilitate an atmosphere of unity and, not least of all, spoken out against this same divide? How can anybody explain voting on important public issues strictly on a racial guideline? You cannot legitimately explain biased voting except to the people that you seek to appease. Yes we are divided in the community – churches included. There are a number of important issues that our city is facing. Downtown development, illiteracy, budgetary shortfalls and violent crimes are but a few.

ANYBODY WHO HAS demonstrated time and again the propensity to vote with the status quo – i.e., racial voting – should have the decency not to run for a higher post, as this same type of individual often would be viewed as a compromised leader. Can one honestly say that he will be a team player after years of contrary voting tendencies?

W.E.B. Dubois once challenged our sense of urgency to address dire problems right now, not next week or some convenient time in the future. Citizens should not have to wait a whole year for new ideals and certainly not leadership.

We had better wake up now and become more involved and informed. Take a look around and see who’s pushing what project or agenda, and notice their votes on said issues. See who’s curiously silent while the little people in this community get pushed around and often overlooked. See how neighboring communities continue to grow while we choose to walk down the same old dusty trail of division and pettiness.

Now is the time for strong action from parents, clergymen, elected officials and all others. Otherwise thugs will ruin our neighborhoods; negligent parents will ruin our public schools; and the status quo will ruin the integrity of our community. Stand up!

(The writer is a self-employed painter and landscaper. He lives in Augusta.)

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Riverman1 06/23/13 - 07:47 am
Racial Politics Are The Reality

The Missouri Compromise didn’t work either. The Civil War where one side was victorious with slavery being wiped out was the result. It’s easy for the naïve to say race shouldn’t matter, but I’m a realist and see Richmond County in a transition period to a black dominated government. Candidates for office are no more than a reflection of the very real conflict.

The white elected officials and employees remaining had better learn how to continue in that atmosphere. Atlanta and most large American cities are the model. The fact is racial politics are the norm in almost every city in the nation.

seenitB4 06/23/13 - 07:57 am
About this wording RM

The white elected officials and employees remaining had better learn how to continue in that atmosphere

They have more than 1 choice River...they can also leave for other hunting grounds...& they are doing it...I know some...

seenitB4 06/23/13 - 08:20 am
Well Mr Green..

You really want to know why some are silent ....they are just plain tired....tired of the riffraff--tired of the crime--tired of the drum beat that doesn't sing their song....the rap rap loudness ...

I have had the pleasure to talk with men/women who have relocated to the Ga mountains...some worked in downtown Atlanta...they wanted to get the fresh air feeling again....walk without fear of getting mugged....just have quietness around them least enjoy their golden years in peace.....they fought the good fight years ago....when their children were taken from neighborhood schools against their instead of fighting daddie giverment, they leave.

You could say I'm part of that crowd too because I'm tired too....just like the Paula Deen episode....that woman didn't deserve that hammer busting debacle.........sooo until the crowd gets a clue...look for me in the greengreen grass of peaceful lands..

deestafford 06/23/13 - 10:23 am
I've heard some in the black community say, "Our time is here

and it's time for us to get ours." And believe you me, there are enough power hungry politicians out there who will help them "get ours". Power is perhaps the strongest aphrodisiac in the world.

By the way, I would not set Atlanta on the mantle piece as a shinning example of how things should be done.

chascushman 06/23/13 - 02:22 pm
"On the local front – the

"On the local front – the actual core of my column – is that our community is evolving more and more and more into a political cesspool, and special-interest groups are having their way."
This is standard procedure when democrats are in charge of a city for very long.

corgimom 06/27/13 - 04:29 pm
It's BEEN a cesspool for many

It's BEEN a cesspool for many years, why do you think people are leaving in droves?

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