The circle of life

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The Christmas season has always had a tendency to evoke deep thoughts about life within all of us. Not just the meaning of life, but more about our purpose in life as we know it in the form.

I believe this comes about because of the generosity of those we find in our circle of life.

I was chatting with some friends on a recent weekend when one of them talked about how alone he felt when his circle of friends was absent for extended periods of time.

At first my thoughts fell on the details about why the friends were absent and how it affected him, which is what most everyone there focused on. The discussion, although very insightful and moving, never really congealed or connected in my spirit. There was nothing bad or negative about it; I just felt like there was a deeper issue to be seen that I was not seeing.

I didn’t really think anything else about it until two mornings later. Mornings seem to be a time rich with anticipation, hope and a chance at new beginnings; and to think, we have one every day! What a beautiful time of the day.

Anyway, I had just finished what I like to call my morning musing time or quiet time. This is a time where I still myself, my mind and spirit to allow what I call the peace of the universe to engulf my entire being. I was struck by what seemed to me to be an obvious disconnect in what my friend was describing and what the Western world calls the “Circle of Life.”

It is described by most as a vicious circle, one of kill before being killed, or someone has to be the predator and someone has to be the victim. Survival of the fittest. In fact, it is even taught to our children in movies and stories in a way that makes it seem very natural and acceptable.

THE MESSAGE IS that in life they must be the predator and not the victim. They must kill before being killed.

Now let’s think a bit about my friend’s experience and the Christmas season experience. The similarities I see is that they both are about giving, becoming one with, embracing, loving, grace and giving thanks. It’s a celebration of the human spirit in its original and basic form: love.

One circle is based on consumption, taking, fear and self-preservation at all costs – even if it costs another life.

The other circle is based in love, giving, melting into those who are in your circle – becoming one with the circle. And by doing so, the circle becomes more complete and whole, or one. The circle is being added to, not taken away from. The circle is not a place of victimhood, rather a place of wholeness.

So, two views of the circles of life. One is based in consumption, and the other is based in giving. One is based in fear, the other based in love. One is based in isolation and fragmentation, the other in wholeness and completeness.

May you make your circle of life, in every season of your life, one of love, giving, thankfulness and wholeness. May you melt into your circle, and by doing so, aid those you find there in reaching their higher purpose – their divine plan upon this planet.

Peace on earth begins with placing love within your circle of life.

(The writer lives in Evans.)

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Riverman1 12/25/12 - 08:42 am
Hard questions for you

Hard questions for you. Why would your friend missing his friend or friends be a negative? What does the “circle of life” have to do with love or lack of? There's nothing wrong with being sad for a good reason. Who says the circle of life is “based on consumption, taking, fear and self-preservation at all costs – even if it costs another life”?

Your friend may have melted into his circle of friends very well, while appreciating love and giving much of his own. Don’t downplay that feeling. Why wouldn’t your friend feel disappointed when he wasn’t able to feel the love and warmth of his loving group (or person) returned?

The truth is we are all jilted and feel the pain now and then in life, but we have the ability to bounce back. Seek to find that loving feeling again when it's lost. There is no dark mechanism at work. Hang in there.

soapy_725 12/25/12 - 10:13 am
Articulate but somewhat confusing....

Is this about Christmas and Christ or Far Eastern Humanism? Ying and Yang? You only go around once so grab the gusto? We are acquainted with Mr Kirby, which makes it more confusing.

Peace on Earth begin with the Prince of Peace in each and every heart. Peace is much more than the cessation of conflict. God's Peace is ever abiding peace no matter the circumstance.

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