America's mandate needs to be heard

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In all contests and competitions, there is a winner and a loser. In the 2012 election, Democrats and President Obama won; they are to be congratulated.

America must now move past this election and try to survive the next four years.

By no means did the incumbent president receive an overwhelming majority endorsement. Yes, the electoral vote and the popular vote went to Obama – 60.4 million to Mitt Romney’s 57.7 million, a very narrow popular vote win of only 2.7 million. There are more than 170 million registered voters in the United States and only 118 million voted – meaning 30 percent of America’s registered voters sat in silence, apathy and complacency.

There are approximately 50.1 million people receiving welfare or some form of government subsidy. Let’s just make a conservative estimate that at least 50 percent are registered voters and that at least 75 percent voted for Obama. That would equate to approximately 19 million registered voters receiving some form of welfare or government subsidy who voted for Obama.

POTENTIALLY, Obama’s 2012 popular vote is a conservative composite of 19 million registered voters on welfare and only 41.4 million registered voters who are actually employed, self-supporting and productively working. From Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs 13:4: “Lazy people want much, but get little; but those who work hard will prosper.” Again from Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs 21:25: “Despite their desires, the lazy will come to ruin; for their hands refuse to work.” Paul tells us in Romans 12:11: “Never be lazy, but work hard.” Finally, from II Thessalonians 3:8 and 10, Paul records: “We worked hard so that we would not be a burden to any of you. ... While we were with you, we gave this command: those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”

We should help truly needy people, but through God’s word, Solomon and Paul have dealt with the “abusers.”

AMERICA WAS founded, built and maintained through Godly principles, hard work, freedom, liberty and patriotism. – not government dependency, socialism, subsidies and slothfulness. As there was so much opposition and negative comments from the Obama Democrats against Romney, I feel safe in assuming that no one on welfare or a government subsidy would have in any way voted for Romney. I feel confident that the 57.7 million votes for Romney came from registered voters who are actually employed, self-supporting, productively working and financially carrying America, President Obama and congressmen via their tax dollars.

The 2012 popular vote clearly identifies three major concerns:

• Thirty percent of registered voters – 52 million – have no concern about who is in the White House and don’t care about the direction America is following.

• America’s people are very sharply divided about values, morality, principles, issues and the direction that America is following. If the Democrats and the president are truly concerned and really care about America and her people, and if the people issued any mandate to President Obama, it is a mandate for internal healing, reconciliation, brotherhood, togetherness and a most urgent need for America to be united.

AMERICANS MUST be joined together for the survival and good of this country. We must again become brothers and sisters with one another, not divided against one another and not “marching” toward one’s own individual health-care agenda.

Hard-working registered voters – who are actually employed, self-supporting, productively working and financially carrying America (57.7 million) – are not being heard in Washington, D.C., or in this nation. That majority voice is being terribly and deliberately skewed, silenced and covered up by the government and this administration through the manipulation and use of a growing minority of voices (19 million) from registered voters who are receiving some form of government subsidy.

BEFORE DEMOCRATS, Republicans and President Obama can make any serious attempt to resolve the staggering $16 trillion-plus national debt, an unprecedented 23 million unemployed, Obamacare, and America’s downgraded credit rating, America and her people must become united. Before America can move forward and make any significant, sustained economic progress, (1) America’s people must experience healing and reconciliation with one another, and (2) the majority voice of the many hard-working, productive Americans must be respected and heard.

The American people have issued a mandate to Obama and Congress to again be the United States of America! That is this administration’s directive, its challenge and America’s mandate! If that is not this president’s top priority, and if he does not work to achieve it, he will be the ruin of our nation, and America will not survive.

This election’s mandate is the metaphorical buck that stops on this re-elected president’s desk.

(The writer is a retired financial and projects control engineer for budget and funding at Savannah River Site. He lives in North Augusta, S.C.)

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KasparHauser 12/09/12 - 02:44 pm
Ignoring Should be the Best Reply, but

1. How many of 47%'er Romney's votes were from moochers living on gumming Social Security and/or Medicare which I, BUT APPARENTLY NOT YOU, are still paying into?

2. How many of Romney's votes and campaign contributions came from the Wall Street moochers who got bailed out on gummint money?

3. Just how often did your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth writing this letter, as the proud passenger in the white collar welfare Cadillac that is SRS?

Here's another (paraphrased) bibble verse: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

(BTW, that also goes for your divisive, exclusionary rhetoric used to declare, with the power of YHWH behind you, apparently, that Obama needs to be less divisive and more inclusive.)

(BTW, BTW, Did you gets a release from YHWH's people to use him so shamelessly in your rant? Flashback to Paul Ford, "Four Score and Seven Years Ago...!!")

fedex227 12/09/12 - 11:11 pm
First of all ...

wayyyy too much math. Secondly, I love people who congratulate Democrats and purport to take a conciliatory tone, saying we must now "move past this election", while at the same time referring to half the electorate in America (read: those who didn't vote for their candidate) as "uncaring" welfare-dependent", "abusive", and (my personal favorite) "slothful."

It really is time to put down the electoral calculator and move on ... In this era of political one-upsmanship, to move forward Republicans and Democrats alike would do best to heed the words of Harry Truman ... "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

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