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Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014

Letter: Few appear qualified

Come January, when all the election dust settles, all I can say is: Let the games begin.
By Bishop B.A.

Monday, Nov. 3, 2014

Letter: Tackle education issue

Keep up the good work - just add one item to your agenda.
By Ed Payne, M.D.

Letter: Ebola crisis mismanaged

America needs a rational individual in charge of the CDC.
By David G. Brown

Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014

Guest Column: A vote for Nunn is an implied endorsement of Reid and Obama

Do not let your vote be dictated by a political advertisement.
By Jodi Lott

Letter: Don't stay home

All conservatives who sat out the 2012 election must vote Nov. 4.
By Gene Striker

Letter: It's quite simple

How does a Christian vote for a Democrat?
By Bennie Harbin

Letter: Re-elect legislator

I am pleased with Earnest Smith as my representative.
By Leon Maben

Letter: Allen is principled

This is the Rick Allen I know.
By Ann Boardman

Letter: Choose Smith

I want to re-elect Rep. Smith so he can continue his efforts to work on our behalf.
By Juanita Burney

Letter: Say 'yes' to tax

A penny is not too much to ask.
By Curt Roberts

Letter: View platforms through Christian lens

The Bible clearly indicates that a nation is only as strong as its foundations.
By Ellen Underwood

Letter: Campaigns' mudslinging is infuriating

It makes me wonder if I should go vote or not!
By William H. Wells

Letter: Barrow efforts to discredit ring hollow

How can being a successful businessman who practices ethics be a negative?
By Robin Odum Shea

Letter: Bridges is best-qualified for tax post

I would feel better knowing that we have a tax commissioner with the honesty, integrity and experience to make sure things are done properly.
By Mike Sleeper

Letter: Allen is a responsible man of integrity

The ads make it seem like Rick got all that money. Don't folks realize what it takes to build something?
By DeWitt R. “Bud” Dent

Letter: Don't vote for underqualified offspring

Vote on issues, on substance and on facts - not lying smear ads!
By George Sheftall

Letter: Review of the facts favors tax approval

I leave it to others to clarify better than I some of the technical points for those who have reservations. As for me and my associates, we give full support.
By Rick Berry

Letter: 'Yes' vote enables greedy government

Now they're trying to push through a massive tax increase by raising the sales tax.
By Thomas Colleran

Letter: Aging facilities desperate for funds

Our schools are old and need attention. Please join me in voting "yes" for the sales tax.
By Eddie Butler

Letter: Residents deserve better choices

The Aiken County school board must adopt real, day-to-day spending reform, and tell the voters just how all the new tax revenue will be spent.
By Steve Hoeffner

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