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Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

Letter: Do right by Hyde Park

I am asking the Augusta Commission to step up and rewrite those funding laws.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Azziz criticized for style

You say nothing of his substantive accomplishment in merging the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta State University...
By Don Dunbar

Letter: Project Jackson illogical

Why would the North Augusta mayor want to place such a development right in the middle of the city's Greeneway?
By Paul A. Beck

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

Letter: Clean-energy plan flawed

Congress should reject EPA's carbon rules.
By Mel Buckner

Letter: Raise custodians' pay

The time to ask for a wage increase is now. If not now, when?
By Kevin Palmer

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014

Letter: Oversight group needs it

The Aiken County Board of Education's promised Oversight Committee must be drawn broadly from the community at large.
By Thomas N. Dean

Letter: Satan is alive and well

In our sophisticated intellectual society, it seems unreasonable that there are people who still doubt the existence of God.
By Gil Ward

Letter: Join in supporting Paine

It behooves all of us who believe in Paine College and its special mission to do everything we can to ensure its future.
By Paulwyn Boliek

Letter: Raise minimum wage

What we need is not someone giving us the stale right-wing warning, but someone who reads and knows history.
By Victor J. Reilly

Letter: Improve conditions now

If I would have seen that, I probably would have cried, too.
By Sophia Bell

Letter: Give creatures space

I would not like to be stuck in a small cage, and neither would any animal.
By Patrick Kling

Letter: Penalty should be stiff

Anyone found guilty should be sentenced to 12 years in prison.
By Myles Burnette

Letter: Animals deserve better

The animals should have better living-condition rights.
By Daniel Simpson

Letter: Handle animals properly

Animals were on Earth far longer than we were, so let's give them proper living conditions
By Charlie Fruit

Letter: Welfare act must protect

I think the federal Animal Welfare Act should not harm the animals, or let the animals live such hard lives.
By Anthony Monaco

Letter: More people should help

It is good what Andrea Fuchs, the woman in the article, is doing to help out animals.
By Angel de Jesus Benitez Lopez

Letter: Keep housing affordable

People should pay less, so those people can save more money for their children for later on in life.
By Anthony Eunice

Letter: Where will residents go?

Will we build temporary apartments for all of them to stay in for shelter?
By Jeffery Sims

Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

Letter: Making Christmas Christian

It's our holiday, folks. Don't let other people take it away from us.
By Michael Atwood

Letter: Patients couldn't vote

If you are laid up in a hospital because of bad health, it adds insult to injury to be denied the right to vote.
By Gregory J. Topliff

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