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Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

Letter: What about tolerance?

"Higher power" seems a fair way to describe a deity that many choose to believe in based on their own conceptions.
By Jack Burke

Letter: Brown makes city proud

How awesome it was for America to honor Augusta's native son James Brown this past weekend at the box office.
By Matthew Hutcherson

Letter: Crisis goes unanswered

Either this is a plot to ruin America, or Obama heads one of the most incompetent presidential administrations in the history of America.
By David G. Brown

Monday, Aug 4, 2014

Letter: Border policy is ruinous

Currently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is acting much more like the president of our constitutional republic than is Obama.
By Thomas N. Dean

Letter: How can Israel justify?

And how can it pin the blame solely on Hamas?
By Ron Hickerson

Sunday, Aug 3, 2014

Letter: Illegals already here

The massive relocations of Central Americans throughout the country is disturbing to law-abiding citizens.
By Jack and Jane Kenny

Letter: Abandoning beliefs dooms America

I have little hope in America as a nation. Most are content to watch their wide-screen TVs and be fed propaganda.
By Chuck Tatum

Letter: Changes, thanks for Alzheimer's group

Much progress has been made, but more is needed. Please continue to support the effort to end Alzheimer's disease.
By Nancy N. Wall

Letter: Who is speaking for the defense of Israel?

Where is the world's support for the only nation of laws, honor, respect, democracy and justice in the entire Middle East?
By Ellen Underwood

Letter: 'Open carry' guns don't make us safer

It is a sad day in Georgia when churches, temples and mosques have to put signs outside their doors to prevent people from bringing guns inside.
By David Dillard-Wright

Letter: U.S. power vacuum emboldens Putin

If we had a pro-American statesman in the White House, he would have immediately opened gas exports and cut dramatically into Mr. Putin's power base.
By S.G. von Schweinitz

Letter: Our United States is changing for worse

I fear that the president of our country and his quislings have destroyed the greatness of America.
By Stephen B. McMillan

Friday, Aug 1, 2014

Letter: Stand up for Israel

The Israelis have every right to defend themselves against the vicious aggression of Hamas.
By G. Daniel McCall

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letter: Don't keep killers alive

Once upon a time, there was the right to due process, and after the verdict was rendered, it was followed by the timely delivery of justice.
By Lawrence Devoe

Letter: No amnesty; deport now

We need our Border Patrol on the border, and not babysitting illegals.
By Daniel Martin

Letter: Agencies are attack dogs

The solution to the menace of the IRS is not to reform the agency but to dismantle it brick by brick and replace it with a Fair Tax.
By Jim Irish

Letter: Dissent isn't treasonous

If being against this tyrannical government is traitorous - guilty!
By Linda Parnell

Letter: Child-care help available

For further information, please call any Y or visit our website at
By Danny McConnell

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Letter: Heaping blame excessive

You advise turning away from disrespectful outlets, yet that is exactly what this editorial is - disrespect for individual views!
By Paul D. Hopkins

Letter: Hamas imperils innocents

My heart aches for innocent Palestinians used to become martyrs. My heart also aches for Israelis who again have to defend their homeland.
By Leah Ronen

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Ruben given last shot on downtown buildings

Richmond County Magistrate Judge H. Scott Allen approved an agreement the two sides reached this week to obtain a boarding permit in the next 30 days to "mothball" two buildings.
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