Letter: More trouble than a name

Now that the big push for the name change of the Calhoun Expressway is on hold, maybe Commissioner William Fennoy can come to his senses.


He is constantly causing trouble for the people of Augusta. Doesn’t he realize that Calhoun was just a person in our history like all the soldiers whom all our army installations were named for? They all hold a special meaning for the past, and are not ideologues or prophets.

I haven’t heard of any efforts to change the name of any military installations, but I’m sure troublemakers like Fennoy will get their way and stir it up.

To me, these type people cause more racial tension than a name on a road or arena or fort ever did.

Come on folks, let’s stop all the spooning and have peace and harmony.

Preston Price




Thu, 02/22/2018 - 23:23

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