Letter: Miller wowed us

Having spent a great portion of my life in the concert production business, I have always had a keen interest in the local performance arts and theatre development.


I was among thousands of Augustans recently, with chests puffed with pride, when General Manager Marty Elliott and her staff opened the newly restored Miller Theater for public evaluation.

I was prepared for the best, but I must say, my expectations were way too low for what I saw.

Ms. Elliott’s reputation preceded her, and she allowed the building to put on a concert that is going to be hard to top from the stage. The “Wow!” factor was alive and well at every turn.

Just prior to entering the theater my pride was elevated even further when I looked across the street at the newly refurbished Imperial Theatre and saw on the marquee where top-notch gentleman manager Charles Scavullo had struck a first-class-act chord by welcoming the Miller to our new Theater District.

One might think these two quality venues would be in competition with each other. However, in actuality, they compliment each other imperfectly. Le Chat Noir, with seating at 100, the Imperial with a capacity of about 800, the Miller at over 1,300, the Bell Auditorium at 2,600-plus, and the James Brown Arena at approximately 7,000, make our performance district a dream for any discerning future promoter.

And they’re all within walking distance to clubs and restaurants in our rapidly expanding go-to downtown river region.

Downtown Augusta is certainly on the brink of taking our city and entertainment to heights like we’ve never seen before. Fasten your reserved seat belts Augusta, allow some room for expended pride, and get ready to enjoy world-class evenings in Augusta’s New Theatre District!

I appreciate the privilege of sharing my opinion.

God Bless Augusta!

Johnny Hensley




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