Letter: I want my FBI back

On the Chronicle front Page Feb. 1, the FBI said it had “grave concerns about material omissions of fact” on the accuracy of the House Intelligence Committee’s newly unclassified memo.


This, after hundreds of text messages from FBI members were amazingly obliterated from existence. This, after thousands of emails were found to be unrecoverable from a presidential candidate’s server.

The FBI that I have known during my 64 years seemed to successfully resolve these types of situations by submitting the “lost” evidence and was never involved with accusations, to or from, of this nature.

Maybe I was too naïve to discern them. In management an issue always seemed to stem from the top, much like coaching. Of course the entire team is not ideal. But most aren’t.

It is increasingly more difficult to place any faith or trust in an institution once so honorable, while knowing the overwhelming majority of this agency remains extremely dedicated, honorable and above reproach. Leaving, again, the top to be questioned.

This agency should never be politically biased. But it became so in 2016. And now the current president’s motivations are in question.

Back to the top. Remove the biased top brass and replace them with unbiased leaders whose goal is to enforce the law and the Constitution. The intention of the law should only be considered, and not technicalities, political correctness and splitting hairs that some high-powered, unethical lawyer presents.

Let the FBI get back to their job, straightforward and unbiased. Right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong.

L.D. Wilkes




Thu, 02/22/2018 - 23:23

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