Letter: Democrats being exposed

The Democrat Party is self-destructing before our eyes, folks.


I’m sure there are some good people in the party, but they continue to appoint leaders who don’t have the backs of the American people. Pelosi and Schumer come on TV day after day and speak drivel that no one can comprehend, as if they are from another world, which mainstream America doesn’t recognize.

Why does the Democrat Party continue to recognize these two as their spokespersons when New York and San Francisco, by a long shot, do not represent the makeup of our country?

The majority of their party are made up of radicals who are unable to elect someone center enough to present a rational view of what it takes to show the American public they can govern. Obama is long gone, and Hillary was rejected, because the American people are not stupid. Hillary lost, simply because the American people didn’t want a continuation of Obama and what the Democrats have to offer.

So, to all you who think Obama hung the moon, he’s the reason Trump is president of the United States right now, thank God.

Anyone who watched the State of the Union the other night got a big dose of what the Democrats are standing for – or sitting for, in their case – and it’s plain where they’re at. You Democrats are being exposed, on a daily basis, for how you are unable to get past the hatred and elect people with intelligence who see the country needs good people to govern it.

The country has spoken and you have been rejected. No more of the status quo. The country is back, headed in the right direction, so I would suggest you start electing better leaders or you’re going to be left behind as far as the Democrat Party is concerned.

Gary McNeal

North Augusta, S.C.



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