Letter: Democrats against progress?

Like millions of Americans, I watched President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address before Congress and the other invitees.


It was not just a testimonial to a remarkable first year in office, but also an opportunity extended to others to come onboard and help America advance the best interests of its citizens.

I am less disturbed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s catatonic state than I am disappointed in the Democrats’ bald-faced refusal to acknowledge the major accomplishments of this president’s freshman year.

Like his predecessor, President Trump entered his office without significant political experience. Unlike his predecessor, it would appear that Trump did his homework much better, as he outlined and then took on some of the biggest challenges facing America: (1) Energizing the economy through tax reform and removal of crippling federal regulations; (2) Strengthening the military; (3) Enhancing domestic security through border control; (4) Reforming immigration; (5) Rebooting U.S. relations with foreign governments; (6) Repealing the individual mandate; (7) Defeating ISIS.

In spite of a hostile press, an obstructionist Democratic Party, and a politically motivated “investigation” of alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump has still managed to obtain results that directly or indirectly benefit more Americans in one year than did his predecessor during an entire first term in office.

Going forward, the gradually shrinking group of American taxpayers will still have much to celebrate, as they will benefit from increased hiring and from businesses again eager to invest in America.

Entering a mid-term election cycle where turnout is typically much lower, it would be hard to see how the Democratic Party could muster much popular enthusiasm for voting against the tangible and positive first-year achievements of the Trump administration.

Lawrence Devoe




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