Letter: Open to medical marijuana?

This may be a touchy subject for some, but after being on the front lines I realize just how important this is for many.


I’m talking about medical marijuana. If you have a “Reefer Madness” attitude, please put it aside for now.

I never thought much about medical marijuana (MM) before last year. I have a dear friend who has been battling ovarian cancer for the last five years. The pain has been severe only a few months. The problem is, she can’t take opiates. They make her very ill. Nothing else helps.

As far as medicine has come, the only thing for severe pain is narcotics. Ask any doctor.

Along comes marijuana, the “Hippie Drug,” the “Gateway Drug.” It definitely has a bad rap as a street drug.

Florida, where my friend is from, just passed a MM law last year. There is a lot of red tape, and you can’t tell your pain to wait six months. A doctor at the Mayo clinic told us we would be better off going “underground.” He’s telling a grandmother and late-stage cancer patient to go underground.

We broke the law; two law-abiding citizens breaking the law because we had no other choice.

I’m glad we did. It eased her pain greatly and after losing so much weight to this disease because you aren’t hungry, her appetite improved tremendously.

She has her card now and is able to get edibles because she doesn’t like smoke.

Look, I’m an old man, but if we’re worried about our kids I suggest we focus on the opiate crisis. There will never be a marijuana crisis.

I only ask that you have an open mind. Do some research. Make up your own mind. I ask, what would Jesus do?

All I know is, He had so much compassion for the suffering. What do you think?

John Glover




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