Letter: Worth of working people

The Interfaith Fellowship’s Letter to the Editor Jan. 27 (“All have Inherent Worth”) prompted me to respond with my thoughts.


I recently attended a panel discussion at the Congregation of the Children of Israel where I met many of the interfaith attendees. I was invited by the vice president of the organization, for whom I have great respect. I love the noble notion of interfaith fellowship, and the lovely diversity of people I met that evening.

When I read the article published in my morning paper I was prompted to respond and take this opportunity to praise President Donald J. Trump.

I speak for a huge majority of people who are aware of the outrageous abuses that persist in Third-World countries against their citizens. We share the outrage and condemnation of the abuses which are well-known.

We also are amazed at the persistence of media outlets to malign our president, who spoke of his outrage in strong language. We all know U.S. presidents throughout history have employed “truth to power” in their approach to dictators and institutional government corruption. This is what good men/women do when they see outrages. Our president remembers the ‘forgotten man’ and speaks of his intention to return the government to “the people.”

At Davos, President Trump highlighted the fact that all successful and prosperous companies and corporations depend on the throngs of people who populate the working class and allow these companies to thrive and prosper.

Listen and you will hear the positive thrust in Donald Trump’s rhetoric concerning the United States and the world’s workers and their “inherent worth.”

Rita Hamilton




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